Behaviorial problems during grooming is the reason dogs get hurt, people get hurt, equipment gets broken, and customers get upset. Teaching dogs to be Calm, Comfortable, and Cooperative for grooming is safer for everyone and better for your business. There are many ways to help dogs learn to be great for grooming.

How about spending 2 days online learning the skills that will help you keep pets and staff safe, equipment in one piece, as well as making customers happy.  And have enough time to watch the recordings if you can’t make it live. Then, the Behavior And Handling Summit should not be missed! It will be held live on Sunday, November 26th and Monday, November 27th starting at 9AM current Pacific Time. Live workshops are closed captioned and transcripts will be provided for the recordings.


Sunday, November 26th

  • Feline Behavior And Handling with Anjie Coates

    Feline behavior and handling is exceptionally different from canines. While both are predators, their body language and handling are very different. I will show you how to achieve great results while handling cats in your salon, both in the tub and on the table, even for the aggressive cat.

  • Don’t Grab the Beard! with Ashley Hanvey

    The default way we are taught to hold faces is by the hair on the dog’s face. Some don’t mind, but many tug, pull, jerk, bite, and scream. Surely there must be a better way? Hang out with me while I show you alternative ways to hold faces while grooming and bathing the dogs in your care. The dogs will be happier, and so will you.

  • Lighten Up. It’s Ok To Pet, Play, And Be Friendly with Chrissy Neumyer Smith

    Dogs are having a hard time, not giving us a hard time. How can we help dogs feel more comfortable with grooming? How can we help dogs feel more comfortable with us? We can try to help the dog have a better grooming experience!

  • How Dare You?? : Exploring Dog Etiquette And How We Rate As Humans with Michelle Knowles

    What do dogs really think of us? How much is behavior affected by humans misunderstanding the language of dog? We will discuss dog body language, common misconceptions and a ridiculous amount of dog pictures!

Monday, November 27th

  • The Difficult Dog. Understanding Why They Misbehave with Barb Hoover

    There are many reasons why a dog is not cooperative on the table. Barb will discuss many of those reasons and how to spot them. Once we know the why of the behavior, we have the ability to try and change it or find ways to work around it.

  • Geriatric Grooming with Mindy Dinwiddie

     You will learn correct products and handling procedures to keep your geriatrics safe and clean. Hopefully every dog we groom will grow to a ripe old age and knowing how to properly handle them can mean the difference to your clients

  • “Bad” Dogs Deserve to Be Cute Too with Markie James

    In this class, Markie James will go over the needs of the pets we don’t always look forward to seeing on our schedule. She will discuss safe handling techniques, the large variety of restraint tools available in the pet care industry, and how and when to use them. When is it OK to try and when is it OK to just say “no”? She will also discuss “molding” an appropriate clip for the pet and their behavior. It is important to have clear, honest, and compassionate communications with the owner of a difficult pet, with the goal of establishing a regular (and happy) grooming schedule.

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