As a business owner your priority is keeping your business running profitably and smoothly. And you’re going to need to grow and develop to stay competitive. That’s where continuing education comes into play. Not only do you need to grow as a business in general, you also need to grow specifically in our industry.


Get practical, usable skills and join 10 pet professional business leaders in this 2 day online summit this Sunday, May 28th and Monday, May 29th.

Uplevel And Protect Your Business With:

  • Are you an Employee Or An Independent Contactor? with Teri DiMarino

    If you have to ask yourself that question, you may already have a problem.
    The definition of employees and independent contractors has been an ongoing debate in the pet grooming industry for years. In an effort to try to save money and avoid excessive taxation some groomers, or employers, resort to some pretty creative employment policies. While they may solve issues in the beginning, alternative tactics can become a huge can of worms for everybody down the road. “Misclassified employees” can cause financial and legal hardship on all fronts but, with a little knowledge and understanding, problems can be easily avoided. Teri will spell out the pros and cons in black and white. This class is sure to be an eye opener on all fronts.
     Among topics to be discussed:
    • Federal and State definitions of an Employee and Independent contractor
    • Misclassified Employees
    • Booth Renters
    • Contracts
    • Proper paperwork
  • Emergency Preparedness with Kate Klasen

    Is your business ready for an Emergency??  Do you notice the hazards in your workplace?
    Are you prepared?
    • What emergencies can happen in the groom shop?
    • What emergencies can happen in mobile?
    • Educational training?
    • Proper Equipment?
    What to do before EMS arrives
    • considerations on how EMS functions
    • Every second counts, time is not on our side
    Activate Emergency Response Plan, do you have a plan to evacuate quickly
    • Supplies ready
    • People and pets
    What happens after the incident?  Critical incident aftermath, can your business survive?
    In this class we discuss how to be prepared for an emergency. It is not just a matter of knowing CPR/First Aid, but does your business have an evacuation plan? Do you have proper supplies on hand?  Do you have a network if something happens?  When an emergency happens, time is not on your side, plan ahead and be prepared.
  • Ready, Set, Launch with Amanda Leighton

    Are, you wanting to start your own business? But don’t know where to start. For the next hour I will show you the pathway to success.
  • Elevate Your Business With Canva with Meg Ioffredo

    Meg Ioffredo of Elevation Media Management will explain how to utilize Canva to create cohesive and branded social media images to help market your business. Learn basic design concepts to apply to every graphic; explore the numerous features offered by Canva; and develop a brand image customized to you and your business!
  • Grow Your Business With TikTok with Marcia Strong

    Learn how to use social media, for free, to grow your clientele to make extra income while doing what you already do in your salon every day. Navigate brand deals and paid sponsorships and learn how each social media platform works. And, of course, get that “viral” video.
  • Avoid These Critical Business Mistakes with Anjie Coates

    Running a salon is difficult. Being a business owner means we work hard to be successful. Some want to expand, while others prefer to work solo. Many common mistakes can be avoided if you know what they are. I will help you avoid these or make the necessary corrections so you can fix that mistake before you get burned out or close your doors.
  • What’s It Like Being A Virtual Assistant For The Grooming Industry? With River Lee

    Have you considered what’s life going to be like after you need to put down your grooming shears?  Instead of ‘going out to pasture’ why not consider using your unique knowledge and turn it into a career as a groomer virtual assistant!  River Lee of the Savvy Groomer will go over what it’s like to be a virtual receptionist and a virtual office manager.
  • You Need to Calm Down with Mindy Dinwiddie

    We have all dealt with the difficult client that needs to just clam down, but have you ever told someone to calm down and it has the opposite effect? Then this class is for you! Take advantage of Mindy’s over 5 years of teaching store detectives how to de-escalate shoplifters and 11 years of owning her own grooming shop, as she teaches you the tools to get your upset, angry, uncooperative clients to calm down.
  • Take Charge of Your Business with Denise Heroux

    Growth is messy and messy growth can easily lead us astray from our original goals and dreams. This seminar is designed to help you spot the problems areas creeping in, evaluate them and develop a plan so you can take back the control within your business financially, operationally, and with employee management.
  • From Corporate To Your Most Demanding Boss (You) with Chris Anthony

    There are many options for employment for groomers to choose from, and pros & cons for each of them. These will be gone over in depth & humor by someone who’s worked for 2 big corporations, several small private shops, and finally landed working for her toughest boss yet, herself.  We will cover some of the many variables that make every corporate & private shop experience different, including external factors that may make a change necessary.  What was a fit few years ago, may not fit now. Also touched on, the dreaded “IC”, is it legal & right for you.
    Whether you’ve got 20+ years under your belt, or are just starting to think that this might be the career for you, this class will help you find the right fit for you.

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