Employees make or break a business, but managers/owners make or break employees. Making employees a priority, supporting their career development and promoting their happiness is the healthiest thing a growing business can do. Prioritized employees are engaged and their performance (AKA income generation) increases.


But how do you hire the right person, train them to be the employee you need, while supporting their needs?

What If:

  • Anjie Coates could help you Create An Employee Manual with what to and not to include and Keep Your Employees Happy by setting expectations and setting them up for success?

  • Malissa Conti-Diener set the atmosphere for conflict resolution with Mindful Meditation and encourage self-care and wellness with The Positive Side and getting your business ready to hire and creating a recruitment strategy with Magnetic Hiring.

  • Misty Gieczys showed you how to offer benefits in Just Benefits.

  • Helen Schaefer will show you all the ways you can offer your employees continuing education with Creating Continuing Educational Opportunities For EmployeesList Title

  • Denise Heroux will walk you through the entire hiring process from ads to onboarding with You’re Ready To Hire- Now What!

  • Barb Hoover will help you make those fool proof schedules and show you how to approach new ideas and suggestions with Finding Happiness, Setting Boundaries.

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Join these industry leaders online on Sunday, June 26th and Monday, June 27th starting at 9 AM PST (www.timeanddate.com)


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