Do you know what happens when we use the wrong equipment for a pet we’re working on?

  • It Takes Longer

  • It Hurts Our Body

  • It Damages Coat


Do you panic when that dryer or clipper isn’t working?


Are you working in pain because you’re not taking care of your body or using the correct safety equipment?

But What If:

  • You spent 2 hours with Anjie Coates covering the best methods to clean, disinfect and sanitize your tools, as well as how to maintain your HV and ambient air crate with Tool And Dryer Maintenance.

  • And then another hour taking a look at the wide array of things to help us get the job done safely. Anjie will cover the myriad of options available to us as groomers that can help us get the pets in our care done safely for them, and for us as well in Safety Equipment.

  • How about the why’s and how’s of keeping your recirculating bathing system clean and sanitary for all of your furry clients! From the DIY Sump pump recirculators to The Bathing Beauty, OPAWZ Recirc, Hydrosurge, and More! With Ashley Hanvey.

  • There was a better tool for what you were doing? Maybe there was a way to get through that coat easier? Join Brittany Kanto for 2 hours of tips and tricks about brushes and combs. She’ll go over their specific uses, when to use and why to use.

  • Your body didn’t hurt! Chris Anthony will focus on ergonomics, the science focused on our tools and workspaces working with instead of against us. She will explain & demystify ergonomics as it relates to grooming; including tools, posture and stretches designed to keep you healthy and pain free in Ouch! Don’t Do That, It Hurts! Ergonomics, Grooming, And You.

  • You chose the correct scissor to make your job easier. Straights, curved, chunkers and thinners, swivels and non swivels, the options are seemingly endless, how’s a groomer to choose? Never fear, Chris will cover all of this and more, including: basic shear anatomy, types of steel used and how to care for your investment once you get it home in Everything Shears!

Plus Bonus Pre-Recorded Clipper and Hanvey Maintenance Videos

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