Imagine having a few extra hours each week

By streamlining tasks and eliminating time wasters, you gain precious minutes that accumulate into hours.  Saving time at work means you can leave the shop feeling accomplished, fostering a healthier balance between your professional and personal life. Reduced stress levels, stronger relationships, and overall well-being naturally follow.

How about these time-saving and skill-improving workshops:

  • Feline Tips And Tricks with Anjie Coate

    Cats can be a lot of fun to groom, but they can also be our toughest customers. I’ll give you an hour of tips and tricks on how to make your cat grooms go as smoothly as possible.

  • Everything Shears And Beyond with Chris Anthony

    It’s fairly safe to say that shears are a groomer’s best friend, but how much do we really know about them? There are so many options! Straights, curves, convex edges, and bevels.  What’s the difference anyway?  Serrated, semi convex and titanium coated? \Wait, what? Swivels should be held differently from non-swivel shears?

     Straights, curved, chunkers and thinners, swivels and no-swivels, the options are seemingly endless; how’s a groomer to choose? Never fear, we’ll cover all of this and more; we need to know how to hold them, know why they’re folding hair, and when we should run. Today’s two-hour class will take a deep dive into shears but talk about clippers, vac systems, and other tools that can be used to improve our grooming ergonomics and our lives.

  • Practical Corrective Pet Grooming with Andi Roeslle

    Andi will teach you practical corrective pet grooming for everyday canine clients. Andi will cover:

    Front Legs: How to visually correct internal or external rotation of legs with hair

    Body: How to make a balanced profile

    Head: changing an ear set and chin can change an entire dog’s expression

    Back Legs: creating angulation where there is none

  • Defining Policies and Procedures to Make Every Day Grooming Easier with Denise Heroux

    This seminar is designed to provide grooming business owners with essential tools and strategies for optimizing their operations. Attendees will learn how to establish clear and efficient policies and procedures for daily tasks, customer interactions, and staff management. This seminar aims to help grooming business owners streamline their processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase overall business productivity, ultimately leading to a smoother and more profitable operation. It equips participants with the knowledge and techniques needed to navigate the unique challenges of the grooming industry successfully.

  • Camouflage Grooming - How Understanding Canine Structure Affects Our Grooming And The Pet’s Behavior with Teri DiMarino

    As much as we all love our dogs, we must realize there are no perfect pets. Understanding correct canine structure and the beast beneath the hair will increase our ability to deal with certain difficulties we may encounter in our grooming.

    Teri will show how to achieve the edge that makes your grooming just a bit better than the salon down the street. Knowing proper body construction of the dog helps make the grooming job easier and the finished groom look better. Make crooked legs appear straight, long bodies appear shorter and short necks appear longer. It may also answer questions that you may have about a dog’s behavior or table manners. Give the owner the “Show dog” appearance they have always wanted while making the groom go quicker and easier for you and the pet.

    This seminar will cover:

    Comparing correct and incorrect canine structure.

    How structure affects the dog’s behavior on the grooming table.

    Compassionate techniques and equipment to help make the groom more comfortable for the dog and easier for the groomer.

    How to hide faults and imperfections in the dog’s structure through grooming.

  • Feet, Face, And Fanny with Erin Schenk

    This class will cover the simple, yet effective, Face, Feet, and Fanny Service.

  • Bleeding Injuries In A Grooming Environment with Mary Oquendo

    Mary will familiarize you with how to deal and approach bleeding injuries in our facilities. Including setting up a checklist.

    Mary will cover:

    ◦Why It’s Important

    ◦Assessing the injury



    ◦Wrapping an ear injury

    ◦Wrapping a paw injury

    ◦How to check in a pet

For full descriptions and schedule:

When groomers and staff operate with greater efficiency, your business incurs fewer expenses and generates more revenue. Automating repetitive tasks and minimizing rework directly impacts your bottom line.

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