Foundational skills are critical to the success of any pet grooming. Any grooming business depends on the skill set of its staff to set the standards for excellence. With strong foundational skills, groomers can produce quality pet grooming at higher prices.


How do you quickly and affordably get that basic grooming knowledge?

That’s Easy

Spend two days with leading experts who can guide you and your staff to the levels that set you apart from your competition.


This two-day online summit is on Sunday, January 21st at 9 AM Pacific Time with Safety and Handling with Maria Hetem.  Maria will cover a basic understanding of safe handling techniques, body language, and rapport to keep you and your pet client safe and happy.

Then at 11am. It’s Bathing and  Prep Course with Anjie Coates. This 4-hour program starts in the bathtub. Everything we do for a finish groom is entirely dependent upon the bath and the prep. Let Anjie show you how to smooth out the rough edges on your grooms to do better and make your job easier!

The second day begins on Monday, January 22nd at 9 AM with Handstripping-Where To Begin? with Melanie Charland. Melanie will teach you how to lay a strong foundation of knowledge on tools, how to use them correctly, good products to have/use, understanding wire coat/skin, proper upkeep, and then expanding on how to apply it to a dog.

And finishing up at 12 with Nail Care with Tami Vornbrock. Maintaining nails is a big part of our jobs. This class will improve your results and increase your confidence. Let’s take a deep dive into Nail Care! Topics covered are: Handling and Safety, Customer Service, and several methods for Nail Trims.

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The Basics Grooming Summit
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