We all know that choosing the correct grooming products for each coat type will help keep the skin balanced, the follicle nourished and the hair strengthened.

The right products:

  • Keep the skin supple and balanced.

  • May even repair damage.

  •  Can be the difference between a fluffed out coat and one that has to be shaved.

But there are so many options out there. How do you what to chose?

So, how about spending 2 days online with the best skin and coat specialists in our industry. With enough time to watch the recordings if you can’t make it live. Then, the Grooming Product Summit should not be missed! It will be held live on Sunday, February 12th and Monday, February 13th starting at 9AM current Pacific Time. Live workshops are closed captioned and transcripts will be provided for the recordings. Upon request, transcripts can be provided in other languages.

Sunday, February 12th

Product Tips and Tricks with Anjie Coates

Have you been looking for a product to help reduce eye staining? Have you been searching for a product to help with desheds? Have a dog that comes in covered with grass stains? Need tips on nose funk and how to solve that issue? Want a sure fire deskunk recipe? Anjie will cover an hour of tips and tricks for all of these and more.

Topics include: Eye Staining, Grass Stains on White Fur, Nose Funk, Senior Paw Rehydration, Easy Desheds, Deskunking, Fecal Burn On Obese Cats, Make Those Short Coated Dogs Shine, Soothe Bug Bites, and Cat Safe Tool Cleaning.

Aromatherapeutic Spa Treats D.I.Y. with Malissa Conti-Diener

Join The Oily Groomer, Malissa Conti-Diener as she walks you through D.I.Y. Tutorials to create your own fantastic aromatherapy products.

Take the basics available to you and revamp them into a blissful spa experience for your canine clients.

In this two-hour tutorial you will learn how to create the following: Aromatherapeutic Shampoos, Aromatherapeutic Conditioners, Skin-balancing tea rinses, Botanical soaks/sachets, and Skin-soothing all-purpose balm.

Recipes will be provided as well as supply lists to help you create the spa treatments shown in the tutorials.

Therapeutic Creams and Sprays Explained with Michelle Knowles

This class will discuss different bases, oils, additives and conditioners that can be used to make a “go home” cream or spray for pets that are currently going through topical therapy. The benefits of different types of oils, minerals, and other products will be defined and paired with the common issues seen in the pet salon.

Monday, February 13th

All Things Paw with Chris Pearson

Spend one hour devoted to all things pet paws!

  •    Learn the anatomy of the canine front and back paws & nails!

  •    Learn common symptoms requiring simple care strategies in the salon!

  •    Learn basic nail care

  •    Learn a basic recipe for an exfoliating and antibacterial/antifungal fungal paw scrub

  •    Learn a basic recipe for a nutritive paw emollient!

  •    Learn the steps included in a pawdicure package you can start offering right away!

Product Safety with Barbara Bird

For two hours Barb will discuss how ingredient safety is determined, while busting some myths about “bad” ingredients.

Specialty Products with Tami Vornbrock

There is a plethora of interesting products available to professional groomers these days. We will be taking a look at how these products can help us manage skin and coat for a groom that pops! Utilizing products that solve common skin symptoms or manipulate coat texture not only makes our finish work go faster it can make a major difference in the quality of your grooms. When you are looking for that wow factor specialty products make all the difference!

For a complete workshop description and schedule: https://www.pawsitiveed.com/product-summit-schedule/

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If you have a Pawsitive Educational Training Summit membership, you do nothing. You are automatically registered and you get 6 weeks to watch the recordings. Don’t have a membership, then grab one at PawsitiveEd.com.


Don’t want a membership. Then you can buy this single summit at $109 until January 13th  and then the price goes up to $147 and have 3 weeks to watch the recordings.

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