Because the skin is the body’s largest and most important organ, the critical aspect of pet health is skin and coat. We’ve designed this summit to educate groomers on the latest techniques, products, and best practices for maintaining healthy skin and coats in pets.

Here are just a few more reasons why you should attend:

  • Learn from the experts

    The summit features some of the top professionals in the grooming industry, all with years of experience and expertise in caring for pets’ skin and coats. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from them directly and gain valuable insights and knowledge.

  • Stay current

    The grooming industry constantly evolves with new techniques and products.

  • Increase your knowledge and expertise as a professional groomer

    You’ll open up better career opportunities and a more remarkable ability to provide excellent pet care.

We start on Sunday, June 18th with:

  • The Fickle Feline with Malissa Conti-Diener

    Let’s tackle the fickle feline skin, by understanding its delicate integumentary system and how our choices can affect it for good or cause harm.

     In this two-hour seminar, we will discuss

    • The Feline Skin and Coat (anatomy and physiology)

    • Tool selection

    • Product selection

    • Scent or no scent (how scented products affect the feline)

    • Bathing, clipping, and general grooming suggestions

    • Common feline skin disorders

    • Creating a feline-friendly environment

  • FUR vs HAIR: The Foundation of Understanding Coat Type with Jennifer Bishop Jenkins

    Spend 2 hours with Jennifer as she discusses the critical decisions we make about a dog’s grooming should be based on understanding the diverse and unique genetics of how that dog’s coat grows.

  • Skin Assessment And Tailoring Product with Michelle Knowles

    Many of us have trouble deciding what products to use because we don’t really know what we are looking at skinwise. This 2 hour course will define terms like crust, flake, dry, etc. so that each condition can be matched with a therapeutic regimen. 

And then on Monday, June 19th with:

  • Tips and Tricks for Therapeutics in Mobile with Ashley Hanvey

    Being Mobile has many perks for pampering pets, but applying therapies in a mobile setting can be daunting. Ashley will change that.

  • Understanding Coat Damage with Barbara Bird

    Join us in a 2-hour scientific journey into the hair shaft with Understanding Coat Damage with Barbara Bird.

  • Hair Structure Science And Safe Dematting with Chris Pearson

    The first hour will cover:

    • Shampoo types

    • Conditioners

    • Keratolytic and Keratioplastic agents

    • Depository ingredients

    • Silicones and proteins


    The second hour will cover:

    Safe & effective dematting, detangling & stretch drying on curly and drop coats

    * 30 minute damp to dry tutorial on drop coats including haircoat physiology

    * 30 minute damp to dry tutorial on curly coats, including haircoat physiology

  • List TitleSurviving Or Thriving, Pet Foods Make A Difference with Kate Klasen

    In this class we will learn about the ingredients of pet foods and the difference of what a pet feed grade diet is. Are the pets we see with skin and coat issues on a diet that will help them thrive or just help them survive? How can we help direct our clients to a better diet when we see the effects on the outside.

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Skin And Coat Summit
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