You Asked, We Listened. The Small Mammal Grooming Summit Is Back!


2 Days, 2 Amazing full day workshops you should not miss!


Let’s start off on Sunday, August 14th with Rabbit Grooming 101 with Anjie Coates


Rabbit grooming is veritably untapped as a market. Few are willing to take the leap into rabbit grooming because they don’t have the education to do so. This course can change all of that. With 5-7 million pet rabbits in the US, this service is needed. You can create a new revenue stream with the rabbit owners in your area.


This 4 hour course will teach you all the foundational knowledge you’ll need to begin your journey into rabbit grooming and everything included in what that entails. We’ll cover myths and misnomers, proper handling techniques, how to address common problems with rabbits, and pricing, marketing, and forms. This class also includes an interview with a rabbit veterinarian to discuss best practices in a grooming environment. New content added, including video on short-coated rabbit grooming and scissor over comb haircuts.


Let Anjie will show you how. She will cover:

  • Myths and Misconceptions

  • Proper Handling Techniques

  • All new video demonstrations

  • Interview with a Vet

  • Common Problems & Grooming Solutions for Rabbits

  • Marketing, Pricing, & Forms

On Monday, August 15th is Cat Grooming from Check in to Check Out with Mary Oquendo


This PGC accredited course will cover everything you need for your cat grooming adventures. Mary Oquendo, an accomplished mobile feline groomer, presents the feline grooming scenario from beginning to end. Learn the how’s and why’s of feline grooming and how to finesse those cat clients to rebook repeatedly.


Learn to set up your business to take into account that cats are a totally different species from dogs. Work with cats instead of making the cat conform to a dog centric environment by:


  • Understanding the differences between dogs and cats and use it to your advantage.

  • Providing a pleasant and relaxing environment for both you and the cat.

  • Learning how to find cat clients.


Cat grooming is rewarding and can be profitable right from the start. In this amazing 4-hour workshop you will learn:

  • What are the physiological and mental aspects of a cat

  • How to set up your facility to accommodate the needs of cats

  • To provide a calm and nurturing environment using stress reducers particular to cats

  • How to help your staff work with cats

  • How to price

  • How to acquire cat clients

  • Effective client communication.

  • Cat handling tips

  • Pre-Grooming Tips

  • Bathing/drying/clipping techniques

  • How to determine cat safe products

  • How to check out a cat client

  • Cat first aid

For the complete workshop description: Click Here.

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