Alyssa Kasiba

Alyssa Kasiba is an international award-winning creative groomer. She has almost 15 years grooming experience.  She began competitive grooming in 2016. Over the past years, she has specialized in creative grooming from competing on stage to teach the know-how.

In the 2022 season,  Alyssa won 30+ awards nation wide, was on the cover of Groomer To Groomer magazine twice, and ended the year winning the  Barkleigh Honors Creative Groomer of the Year award.

You may have seen her featured on Night Line News, Good Morning America, or as a Finalist on ABC’s dog grooming competition show, Pooch Perfect. 

 Alyssa has found a passion for teaching the art and creativity of grooming and can’t wait to share it!

Erin Martin

Erin Martin has been grooming since 2004. She has co owned a successful grooming business since 2013. In February of 2020, she began her journey in the competition ring.  In the same year, Erin began teaching webinars in the grooming industry.  Her love of creative grooming inspired her to start The Creative Groomer, a creative grooming supply company, and the first subscription box geared towards creative groomers in the industry.  In 2021, she and Mary Oquendo co organized and created the first ever all creative grooming online summit. She is currently a Secretary of the CPPGA (California Professional Pet Groomers Association).  She is a member of the IJA traveling model dog competition team of 2022. She has had multiple 1st placements (including Best In Show) in both on stage and online with her grooms, including her creative grooms.

Jolene Siebeneck

Jolene Siebeneck has been a professional pet grooming stylist since 2002. She is the owner of Paw Prints Pet Grooming in Northwest Ohio and started her business with a mobile pet grooming unit in 2004. She opened the Leipsic Pet Spa in 2005 and opened the Lima Pet Spa in 2018 and recently opened a mobile grooming trailer in 2022. She is a graduate from Harcourt Learning Direct where she studied Pet Grooming and also a graduate from Great Lakes Grooming Academy where she received all of her hands on training.  Jolene’s desire to open a mobile business came when she realized some of the advantages mobile grooming had to offer versus a storefront business and felt that was the right fit for her. Jolene has owned 4 mobile grooming vans, 2 grooming shops, a boarding kennel and was contracted out by 2 veterinarian offices to provide grooming services and has had as many as 27 employees at one time.  Her experience in expanding and downsizing her mobile grooming, and salons gives her real world experience on what works and what does not in the changing competitive grooming landscape.  

Jolene specializes in drop coated breeds in many different pet friendly styles, poodles in modified cuts, the many different breeds of doodles in all styles of cuts and specializes in creative grooming. Her favorite breeds to groom are shih tzus, poodles and the doodles.  Jolene has been competing in dog grooming competitions for 8 years. She has achieved multiple winning placements as well as Best In Show Wins and Peoples Choice Awards in Creative Styling.

Madeline Rothwell

Madeline has been grooming for nearly 12 years and opened her own salon at the age of 21. She has been competing since 2017 in several classes including creative and poodles. She is an open level competitor with several wins under her belt. Her talent has lead her to a Foxy Roxy sponsorship and her own line of shears with them! She travels with her 9 dogs to several different grooming expos and dog shows to compete.

Milena Kon

Milena started off in graphic design and direct sales before realizing that she wanted to do more with animals. So, she went into grooming in 2013. She is now the owner of Driving Me Knots (Mobile Grooming), DMK Bowtique (Pet Accessories), and DMK Marketing Solutions (Custom Graphic Designs). She started competing in Extreme Creative Styling & Creative Abstract grooming contests in 2015, and won Up-and-Coming Creative Groomer that same year. Her creative work has also been seen on “The Greatest Showman” with Hugh Jackman and “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix. She was awarded the Barkleigh Honors Creative Groomer of the Year in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.

Misty Gieczys

Misty is an IGA Certified Master Groomer and has won many Best in Shows, Best All Around Groomer. She was on the US Gold Winning Model Dog Team in Taiwan and took BIS Creative. She won the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Award for her Charity “Groomers for Groomers.” Nominated for Creative Groomer Barkleigh Honors and awarded IJA Creative Groomer. Misty started grooming in 2005 and helped open 3 other salons.  She owns 2 upscale salons in Columbus Ohio with a staff of 20; Designer Paws Salon. 1st opened in 2013 and second in 2018 with receiving multiple service awards.

Nicole Beckman

Nicole Beckman started her grooming career in 2013, and started competing in 2017. In 2019 she was featured in the documentary “Well Groomed”. Since then, she has placed multiple times in creative competitions and continues to expand into other categories. Nicole owns a small grooming salon in Lansing, NY with her husband, standard poodles and lab mix.

Nikki Smith

Award winning creative groomer and daily pet salon owner. She also owned the UKs largest supplier of creative grooming products for the UK called Riddles Creative Box.

Nikki has been learning about Creative Grooming for many many years, and is now confident with all products and continues to practice and progress her skills on a regular basis. With 14 dogs of her own she has reached the top of the creative circuit in the UK and is now doing well in Asian fusion, grooming and Poodle classes. She is also now travelling internationally to continue her creative career.

Training, people and half of them, progress and learn is one of the things she loves to do the most. “watching people grow, and understand how to achieve different looks is hugely rewarding. I love inspiring people across the world and hope it brings happiness to those willing to learn.”

Patricia Lee

Patty earned her CFMG in Jan 2015, worked at a salon till she started One White Whisker LLC Mobile Cat Grooming in June 2016. She started competing with cats at grooming competitions in June 2015 at the NAPCG show in Raleigh, NC. She placed 1st the following year in the Cat Rescue contest, followed by 2nd place at Barkleigh Groom Expo Hershey in the Abstract Runway. She has continued to compete multiple times every year since then, in the USA, Canada & virtually, to #representcatgrooming. Her latest placements include APF 2020, NAPCG Worldwide Stay at Home 2020, ICATS 2020, Maryland Groom 2021, APF 2022. Patty is a NCGI Trainer/Certifier for Feline Creative Grooming providing PPI & CFCG testing both at her home in Mooresville, NC and internationally at the groomer’s location.