Imagine stepping into a virtual grooming studio alongside Erin Martin, the creative genius behind captivating canine transformations.

Immerse yourself in a two-day online experience where you’ll witness her transform ordinary pooches into living masterpieces. Learn her secrets, techniques, and thought processes, unlocking your inner creative groomer.

Erin will teach you how to:

  • How to do a spiral trim

    Erin will demonstrate how to achieve a spiral trim on a dog and what tools to use to get the best results.

  • Dyeing a spiral trim

    Always wanted to know how to dye a spiral trim? Join Erin as she shows you how to apply dye and create a stunning spiral look!

  • Creative model dog head

    Want to break into the world of model dogs? Or just looking to practice creative grooming? Watch Erin as she completes a creative model dog head including airbrushing techniques!

  • Behind the scenes of creative grooming: airbrush maintenance, drawing programs, pricing and advertising

    Everyone loves creative grooming but not always the hard work that goes into getting there. Join Erin as she shows you how to do airbrush gun maintenance, gives solutions to those that aren’t visual artists but still want to be creative, and how to price and advertise your creative projects.

  • Lisa Frank animal print

    Lisa Frank is making a comeback! Be part of this cool era by bringing it to your clients dogs! Erin will demonstrate how to achieve this look in your salon!

  • Reverse coat carving for the salon

    You’ve seen coat carving, but have you seen reverse coat carving? Reverse coat carving can be done on the shortest of coats. Don’t miss this class as Erin shows you how to bring this simple yet fun design to non traditional coats.

  • Coat carving and airbrush of koi fish

    Dreaming of that pond you’ve always wanted but can’t have? Well, here’s a way to have it! Learn how to carve a fish into fur and make it look life like with this out of the box coat carving class!

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