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Sunday, June 26th

9 AM

Mindful Mediation with Malissa Conti Diener


We all know conflict will occur whenever people with different expectations and needs work together. The trick is know how to navigate the mediation process and do it mindfully. Conflict management is critical for every business owner. You need to maintain a peaceful work environment, keep the workplace energy upbeat and resolve small problems before they turn into large conflicts. In this seminar learn how to: 

    • Keep disagreements from damaging the organization’s positive culture and harming the entire business 

    • Learn the basic processes of mediation 

    • Utilize active listening to help maintain confidence with your employees

    • How to encourage positive employee interactions. 

    • Create a culture of kindness within your business.


10:30 AM

The Positive Side with Malissa Conti-Diener


Explore new ways to motivate and excite your employees to come to work each day. Statistics say people who work in a negative environment are more stressed and more likely to jump from workplace to workplace. With these 10 unique ideas on how to make your employees happy to come to work, you will ensure higher employee retention, less call outs, enhance performance and increase  production. In this seminar you will gain the skills to:

    • Build an atmosphere of positivity

    •  Encourage self care and personal wellness 

    • Bring fun back into the workspace and more!

12 noon

Magnetic Hiring with Malissa Conti-Diener


The employee hiring process can be daunting. You need to have a clear and thought out hiring process in order to land the right employees. What does it take to attract the best in your field? Finding high quality candidates who stick around and represent your business in a positive light can be tough. Let’s uncover some of the best hiring processes as well as magnetic ways of attracting the best employees. We will  examine some of the following:

    • Preparing your business for hiring the right people

    • Creating a recruitment strategy

    • Writing a magnetic job description

    • Asking the important questions at the interview

    • Seeing the diamonds in the rough

1:30 PM

Creating Your Employee Manual with Anjie Coates


  • What Is An Employee Manual?

  • Why Do I Need One And Why Can’t I Use Yours?

  • How Do I Put One Together?

  • What You Must Include

  • What You Want To Include

  • I Already Have Employees Can I Make One Now?

3 PM

Keeping Employees and Yourself Happy with Anjie Coates


  • Setting Expectations, No One Has A Hat Of Omniscience 

  • Creating Patterns Of Behavior

  • Not Everyone Communicates The Same Way

  • Write-Ups And Reviews

  • Pizza Parties Are Nice…But…

Monday, June 27th

9 AM

Just Benefits with Misty Gieczyz


What are things you can offer your employees for the hard work they do for your business? How to get started offering benefits.

10:30 AM

Creating Continuing Education Opportunities For Your Employees with Helen Schaefer 


Helen will discuss how and where to offer continuing educations options for your employees. Know when to offer on the job training, providing educational material, taking employees to trade shows, and granting access to online workshops, as well as how to budget for this employee benefit that add value to your business.

12 Noon

You Are Ready To Hire… Now What?  with Denise Heroux


Hiring employees (especially your first one) can be a scary step for any salon owner. The good news is it does not have to be! In this seminar, Denise will present the four major components that have helped her go from a one-woman salon to over twenty employees and growing. She will help you design a blueprint for knowing when to hire, writing job ads, the application process, and the interviewing process. The best part is you can tailor it to fit your unique business model. Learn how to find your dream team and help your business grow.


  • Are you ready to hire… discuss keypoints of know if you are ready and the things you should have in place

  • Writing a job ad

  • The application process

  • The interview process

2:30 PM

Finding Happiness, Setting Boundaries with Barb Hoover


Unless you own your own salon, finding the perfect fit as an employee can be hard. Barb gives tips for setting boundaries, finding like minded employers and accepting things you cannot change.

  • Tips for making fool proof scheduling plans

  • How to approach an employer with ideas and suggestions

  • Finding your happy place in your current job