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Monday, February 21st Easy DIY Lotions and Potions! with Michelle Knowles

Explore some different forms of things you can make for your pet friend, what the difference is between them and how to utilize each form “on the fly” in your salon! Issues that may call for an aftercare application are explored, such as allergies, matting, rough patches of skin, coat growth, topical vitamin applications and more! Questions welcome!

Tuesday, February 22nd Grooming the Geriatric Pet with Teri DiMarino

The years have not been kind to your client. What was once a bouncing, friendly, face-licking furball has turned into a fragile, senile senior. His arthritis has him in almost constant pain & all he wants is to be left alone. But his hair still grows, and the owner will trust him with no one else, as you’ve been grooming him since he was a puppy. As the former owner and operator of a salon in South Florida, Teri specialized in the geriatric pet (AND owner) and became adept in handling situations unique to this type of client. She will examine handling techniques to avoid the anxiety often associated with the older pet and help you recognize and deal with health-related problems and the owners denial of their pets age and condition.

Wednesday, February 23rd A Cocker Spaniel With A Twist with Helen Schaefer

Asian fusion is best known on dogs that are curly coated and able to give cute little stuffed animal like facades. But what about all the other breeds? Join Helen for this live demo where she will she will show an Asian fusion inspired trim on her cocker spaniel Lenny. Helen will demonstrate many techniques that are both great for breed standard cocker spaniels as well as this whimsical trim. Other topics will include handling skills as Lenny is well known to be very boisterous.

Thursday, February 24th Grief And The Pet Professional with Chris Anthony

As pet professionals we form close bonds with our customers, both the 2 and four legged variety. So much so that the loss of either, sudden or expected can hit us also as hard as losing one of our own loved ones. We often get into pet grooming because of how much we love animals, but aren’t prepared to deal with often unexpected feelings of grief that comes with the love. We’ll discuss various coping mechanisms & healthy ways to grieve, as well as how to be “professional” and emotional all at once. We’ll learn  how to help our clients with their own grief and why that’s vital to not only our own health, but the health of our business.

Friday, February 25th Getting Ready For Competitions with Kristie Reisenweaver

Learn from one of GroomTeam USA® Top Ten. Learn the in and outs of getting ready for grooming competitions.