Sunday, June 16th

9 AM

What Were You Thinking??? with Cassondra Smith


  • Common Sayings

  • Thoughts About Money/Success/Yourself

  • Where did these beliefs come from?

  • How outdated beliefs show up in our salons & beyond

  • Rewrite history – reframing empowering beliefs .

11 AM

Principles, Techniques and Applications of Grooming Ergonomics with Chris Bear Anthony (4 hour Certificate Course)


We know by now that ergonomics is more than a buzzword, but how does it apply to our everyday grooming lives? This seminar will explain & demystify ergonomics, focusing on how it directly relates to our everyday grooming, including tools, posture, and stretches designed to keep you healthy and pain-free. We will also cover where safety and ergonomics meet in the grooming salon and discuss ergonomics cousin, PPE. Hear what experts in the field of ergonomics have to say about grooming smarter and healthier. Learn how to use this science to care for your most irreplaceable tool: YOU! This is a PGC Approved course.

Monday, June 17th

9 AM

Yes! You CAN Say No! with Anjie Coates


Setting boundaries is something we all must do as business owners and employees. Without boundaries we can easily have someone take advantage of us and plant the seeds of resentment that will surely grow into something larger. I will help you figure out how to establish boundaries so that you can avoid these issues in your business.

10:30 AM


How to Start Planning for Retirement with River Lee


Do you know how and when you should begin planning for retirement? Learn the basics and options for both business owner and employee. It is never too early or to late to begin planning. We will cover:
·      Planning for the future
·      Traditional or Roth IRA
·      SEP IRA
·      Simple IRA


 Healthy Body Mechanics and Movement During Grooming with Michelle Price

Understanding how proper body mechanics while grooming in a salon or mobile unit can increase the longevity of your career and your overall health. We will look at various tools that can assist your grooming experience and practice exercises for better movement and muscle memory.

2:30 PM

Serenity Sessions with Malissa Conti-Diener

Join Malissa Conti-Diener for her “Harmony Blueprint” class. She will guide you through mindfulness and meditation practices. Learn deep-breathing techniques and reflective activities to cultivate tranquility. Explore exercises in stress reduction, positive affirmations, and creating a serene mindset. All these hints and tips to foster lasting peace in your hectic daily life.

4 PM

 Battling Burnout with Valerie McFadden

In this class we will discuss the hot button topic of pet groomer burnout. How to recognize burnout in ourselves, what we can do in our daily lives to overcome the effects and how to move forward in a more positive way.