Anjie Coates

During her 35 years in the grooming industry, Anjie spent as much of it learning about every aspect of grooming and business. She knew she had to share the knowledge she had gained and began teaching grooming and business so others could learn the secrets of her success. This has also led her to teach Pet Tech First Aid & CPR classes for pet professionals and owners and become a Certified Master Pet Tech Instructor. Her passion for continuing education shows through in her achieving CMRG, ICMCG, CCE, PGC, and PGCE. This brand ambassador for All For Groomers has published the first rabbit grooming book in the industry, “The Quintessential Rabbit Book” that won the Barkleigh Honors Book of the Year in 2023.

Cassondra Smith

Chris Anthony

Chris Anthony, weary from her travails in retail management and office work, found her calling when she discovered pet grooming. Her near 20 year journey in this career has led her through many opportunities, experiences,& life lessons; including grooming and managing in both s mall and corporate salons, and starting her own successful house call grooming business in New Jersey. Supplementing those life lessons by educating herself on the varying aspects of her career she always sought out innovations in pet care, education, grooming techniques, tools and products. Now her passion for grooming & education has added more in depth knowledge on scissors, scissoring techniques, ergonomics and self care to help preserve her own health and longevity in her chosen profession. She is the owner/groomer at Have Shears Will Travel, customer service/sales Vp at Evolution Shears. Chris is also honored to have co-founded the New Jersey Professional Pet Groomers Alliance and serves as its current Chairwoman.

Malissa Conti-Diener

Malissa Conti-Diener is the owner of and Both focus on Holistic Pet Grooming, through education for both the groomer and the client. As a compassionate groomer and Master Lightworker, Malissas’ goal has always been to see the grooming experience from the pets perspective. Her main goal has always been to create an energetic connection with the animals she works with. Specializing in a natural approach to both Cats and Dogs, has helped her grow her business spanning over 20-years. Malissa has worked tirelessly cultivating a safe space for canines and felines to experience compassionate grooming. Being an in demand Holistic Pet Business coach and consultant, as  well as a respected educator has led her to share her talents. As a Master  Animal Aromatherapist and Master Animal Massage Therapist. Her goal is to blend all things Holistic and pet grooming, into her unique style of alchemy. She is the current education director for the Arizona State Grooming Association. Creating a community for all holistic pet professionals to come together, learn and grow. When not working on educating  professional pet groomers, coaching or consulting, Malissa enjoys spending time with her animals, practicing yoga , journaling, meditating, as well as gardening the very plants she uses in her own holistic grooming practice. 

Michelle Jara-Price

Michelle Price has been in the animal industry for over 30 years. She is currently working as a mobile groomer in Southern California, and is a Pet Tech instructor for First Aid and CPR. Her love for education started with an elementary teaching credential, and a K-12 physical education credential. After teaching for several years in the classroom, she developed a business as a mobile science educator throughout the Orange County area. Now, several years later, she is implementing her kinesiology degree in the grooming industry, and hopes to improve the long term health of groomers with her new ergonomic tool “Handle It”. She hopes to teach industry professionals the importance of better body mechanics and proper posture while using ergonomic grooming principles to improve long term muscle memory and health. She is improving the health of groomers one tool at at a time.

River Lee

My name is River Lee and I’m on a crusade to help fellow pet professionals! My broad and niche pet industry background lend a unique perspective to help busy pet professionals live a life they love. I am the founder of the Savvy Groomer, a business where I teach groomers about personal finances and business growth on their terms.

Valerie McFadden

I’m the owner of Ohana Mobile Grooming LLC in Huntington Beach, CA. In my almost 30 years in the pet grooming industry, I have worked in many different environments with mobile being my favorite. Last year, I became a PetTech First Aid and CPR instructor and am looking forward to teaching more classes. In my spare time I like to take care of my personal pets including 3 dogs, 3 cats and 32 tarantulas.