You don’t want to work as a pet groomer until they cart your crippled, dead body out from underneath your grooming table but don’t know:

  • What options will keep you in the industry you love

  • How to find the necessary training

  • When to implement a change in career

Then start planning at the online Life After Grooming Summit on Sunday, October 22nd and Monday, October 23rd.

  • We’ll start off on Sunday, October22nd, starting at 9 AM Pacific with Beyond Dog Grooming! with Anjie Coates

    If you don’t want to work on dogs anymore, or you want to branch out into something more, there are some very lucrative choices out there! Let me show you some of the options and help you get into the next phase of your career!

  • At 10:30, it’s Being a Vendor: The Other Side of the Grooming Table with Tommy Stockstill

    This class was designed for groomers that wish to create their own grooming-related businesses to understand what’s required to launch a business, as well as to understand the costs, hidden and otherwise, about trade show vending, targeting and catching your customer base, and some missteps you can avoid when launching your own grooming related business.

  • At noon, spend some time with Chrissy Neumeyer Smith and Is A Switch To Dog Training Right For You?

    If you’re thinking about “life beyond grooming” a career in dog training may be right for you! As a professional groomer, you have valuable skills and insights. As groomers, we’re experts at observing behavior. Becoming a trainer would take those observation skills to the next level.

  • 1:30 brings us Starting A Pet Sitting Business with Lisa Herbold

    Learn the basics of starting a pet sitting service, whether at your house or the client’s. Discover what is necessary to protect both the pets and yourself. Services you can offer, contracts, hiring employees, and much more will be covered.

  • We’ll round up Sunday at 3 PM with I Don’t Want To Go But I Can’t Stay: Learning How To Take Your Grooming Career Beyond The Salon with Michelle Knowles

    There will come a time when you may not be able to groom anymore, for many reasons. This class will explore the transition to another career after you have left the table. How to brainstorm, flowchart and make choices and plans today that will blossom in your future.

  • Then on Monday, October 23rd we’ll start at 9 AM Pacific with What’s It Like Being A Virtual Assistant For The Grooming Industry? With River Lee

    This is the expanded 2-hour workshop. Have you considered what’s life going to be like after you need to put down your grooming shears?  Instead of ‘going out to pasture’ why not consider using your unique knowledge and turn it into a career as a groomer virtual assistant!  River Lee of the Savvy Groomer will go over what it’s like to be a virtual receptionist and a virtual office manager.

  • 11:30 brings us A Hairy Business: How to Start Your Own Pet Grooming Academy with Stephenie Calhoun

    Are you a pet lover who wants to make a difference in the world of fur? Do you have a vision of creating a pet grooming academy that teaches others how to pamper pooches and kitties? If so, this seminar is for you! In this fun and informative session, we’ll show you how to open your own pet grooming academy, from finding the purr-fect spot and equipment, to hiring the best staff and attracting customers. You’ll learn how to turn your passion into a fur-tastic business that makes pets and their owners smile. Don’t miss this chance to unleash your potential!

  • At 1 Pm we have Go Forward With Retreats with Mary Oquendo

    A retreat can be anything you want, but it can’t be everything to everybody. Mary will walk you through putting together your successful retreat.

  • We’ll finish off this summit at 3 PM with Put Together A Workshop To Start Your Teaching Career with Mary Oquendo

    Like any of our grooming skills, there’s more to putting together a workshop than creating a pretty powerpoint. Let an experience educator get you started on the right foot.

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