Anjie Coates

Anjie has been in the grooming industry for 33 years. She is a successful salon owner and thoroughly enjoys grooming dogs, cats, and rabbits. She delights in both continuing her education as well as teaching other groomers online, hands-on, and at trade shows because despite being in the industry for more than 3 decades, there’s always more that we can learn. She currently holds the following credentials: PGC, CCE, CMRG, Certified Pet Tech Instructor, and is working towards her IMCG.

Chris Anthony

Chris Anthony, weary from her travails in retail management and office work, found her calling when she discovered pet grooming. Her near 20 year journey in this career has led her through many opportunities, experiences,& life lessons;  including  grooming and managing in both small and corporate salons, and starting her own successful house call grooming business in New Jersey.  Supplementing those life lessons by educating herself on the varying aspects of her career she always sought out innovations in pet care, education, grooming techniques, tools and products. Now her passion for grooming & education has added more in depth knowledge on scissors, scissoring techniques, ergonomics and self care to help preserve her own health and longevity in her chosen profession. She is the owner/groomer at Have Shears Will Travel, customer service/sales Vp at Evolution Shears. Chris is also honored to have co-founded the New Jersey Professional Pet Groomers Alliance and serves as its current Chairwoman.

Chris Pearson


Chris is a career pet stylist and dog person of over 30 years. 

Currently she is the owner and operator of Finer DeTails Pet Spa & Wellness Center, and Special Kneads Canine Massage in Mazomanie, WI. 

She is an award winning competition groomer, has multiple national grooming certifications from the NDGAA, IPG, and is a Certified Canine Esthetician specializing in canine skin & coat care and nutrition.

Christein is the first pet groomer and industry teacher to ever gain her accredited title as a Holistic Animal Educator, thru the HAA. 

In addition to her efforts within the grooming salon and its industry, Chris is the founder of the Wisconsin Association of Professional Pet Stylists/WPGA and MPGA, cofounder of the NAGA, and as a breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, she also sat as the WI State Director for the National Cavalier Rescue Trust and helps in small breed dog senior rescue & foster work.

Chris actively writes and is the author of several industry guidebooks and continuing educational courses, has created her own line of all natural canine spa products, Canine Spa Therapies, and a newly formed aromatherapy business specifically for groomers & their pets, Groom Therapy.

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Chrissy Nuemyer Smith

Chrissy Neumyer Smith CPG, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA started working with dogs in 1986. She started Happy Critters in 2000 providing housecall grooming and private training. As a groomer, behavior consultant, trainer, and former vet tech she understands the unique needs of the grooming setting. She started the Creating Great Grooming Dogs podcast in 2018 to help groomers, trainers, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, owners, and other dog pros to teach dogs to be good for grooming, vet visits, and other types of physical care. The podcast won a Professional Grooming Industry Educator award in 2019.

Denise Heroux

Denise Heroux has over 25 years of grooming experience, is an educator and speaker, and owns Awesome Paws Pet Salon; a Cleveland-based chain with 3 locations with active plans for expansion. Her most addition was opening a cat exclusive salon dedicated to a low stress grooming experience. Awesome Paws fosters a healthy environment for employees and pets with a focus on employee investment and learning. While managing all locations and a staff of over 23 employees, Denise finds time to work with the local pet pantry to help with donations, attends events to aid local pet charities and founded the Ohio Professional Pet Groomers Association. This association focuses on setting a higher standard for pet safety, business-building opportunities, versatile learning experiences, and creating legislative fluidity in the industry. Denise has given live seminars on business subjects at industry events, and you may have listened to her on both the Women PetPreneurs and Small Business Hiring podcasts. She is passionate and dedicated to help create good work environments for business owners and employees.

Erin Martin

Erin Martin has been grooming since 2004. She has co owned a successful grooming business since 2013. In February of 2020, she began her journey in the competition ring.  In the same year, Erin began teaching webinars in the grooming industry.  Her love of creative grooming inspired her to start The Creative Groomer, a creative grooming supply company, and the first subscription box geared towards creative groomers in the industry.  In 2021, she and Mary Oquendo co organized and created the first ever all creative grooming online summit. She is currently a Secretary of the CPPGA (California Professional Pet Groomers Association).  She is a member of the IJA traveling model dog competition team of 2022. She has had multiple 1st placements (including Best In Show) in both on stage and online with her grooms, including her creative grooms.

Helen Schaefer

Helen Schaefer NCMG CCE,  is an internationally award winning, nationally top ranking competitive groomer with over 15 years of experience. Her second career, Helen has worked in all facets of the grooming industry, from corporate salons to mobile, even owning her own business, The Groom Studio, that made it to the Top of the Philly Hot List after being open only 20 months. She was the 2020 Barkleigh Honor Recipient for Up and Coming Speaker of the Year, and finished 2021 ranked 3rd in GroomTeam USA points, earning her a spot on the 2021 GroomTeam USA.. Helen is best known for her resilience in the ring, wealth of practical knowledge and giving sound and genuine advice. She lends this voice to her personal takes on many industry topics every other Sunday on her popular video blog #GroomerProblems, featured in the facebook Group Pet Groomer Town Hall.

Kate Klasen

Kate Klasen is the owner of a holistic pet spa, Balanced Paws in AZ. She is Fear Free certified, a Reiki master, crystal healer, and certified canine esthetician. Kate is also certified through Science Dog on canine nutrition and teaches classes on pet foods. She brought her passions together when she formed The Frontline Coalition with Malinda Malone, where she brings in her past experience as a first responder and teaches emergency preparedness skills for people and pets, including Pet Tech CPR/First Aid. The Frontline Coalition teaches human CPR/First Aid and is an official training center for the American Safety & Health Institute. Kate is also certified to teach the American Heart Association curriculum as well.

 Kate has recently studied sound therapy through Pima College and  paired up with Iso-Sync Labs for their pet line of calming tones which was released in August 2021. Kate also works with a holistic veterinarian and has added in PEMF treatments into her salon modalities. Kate’s passion as a WHOLE-istic practitioner is to bring light onto the whole perspective of the animal from the inside and out.

Michelle Knowles

Michelle Knowles, MPAe, ICMG, owner of All Things Paw, has over 30 years of experience as a private and professional pet care provider. Michelle is a Certified Master Groomer and a Master Pet Aesthetician. She has apprenticed, volunteered, worked, owned, and managed in salons, kennels, zoos, and veterinary hospitals across the country. Michelle has also been trained in Tuscany, Italy in therapeutic work, hand stripping and advanced dermatological care. She has a broad experience in pet skin and coat care, extensive experience with fear and trauma recovery, elderly pets, and a focus on managing allergic/dermatological disorders. Michelle is certified through NDGAA and IPG, teaches advanced pet aesthetics at the Whole Pet Grooming Academy, mediates on the Master Groomer Council of Best Practices, and is a nationally recognized speaker in her field.

River Lee

River Lee is on a crusade! Her broad and niche pet industry background lends a unique perspective to help pet professionals across the globe.  River is the founder of the Savvy Groomer, an online learning platform teaching the business side of grooming.  Her passion is to teach groomers to go from burnt out broke and broken to healthy, wealthy and happy, building a life on their terms.

Riza Wisnom

Riza Wisnom is an Asian Freestyle grooming expert with three published instructional books on the subject. Her work has been featured on the cover of Groomer to Groomer magazine in the USA, Toilettage magazine in France and online in The Huffington Post. She has been industry nominated for several awards and was also a contestant on the ABC TV pet grooming show Pooch Perfect. She has taught in conferences and private seminars around the globe including England, Spain, Portugal and many venues in the US. She is a 37 yr grooming veteran and owns a posh salon in Delaware.

Tami Vornbrock

Tami Vornbrock started training and showing dogs at the age of 15, and her first jobs were working in the pet care field. In 1996 she graduated from Grooming school and has owned her own grooming business since 2006. She has achieved her ICMG with International Pet Groomers, NCMG with National Dog Groomers Association of America, is a Certified Canine Esthetician, and earned her Pet Groomer Credential from World Pet Association. This is the first standardized test available to groomers.