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Sunday, March 20th

8 AM

Building Your Dream Team in Todays Uncertain Market with Denise Heroux


Finding employees can be one of the most daunting tasks as the owner of a growing a business. Employers must create a marketing strategy to find the right employees. Denise will cover how to find your businesses core foundation, honing into your ideal employee, marketing tactics for your job ads and where to place them.

Denise will cover:

  • Why is it hard in todays market- groomer shortage, over abundance of work, many options to choose from, poor work environments drive to owning

  • Knowing your businesses core foundation (work culture)

  • Knowing who your ideal employee is

  • Marketing tactics for your job ads- verbiage

  • Where to place your ads

9:30 AM

How To Market Your Small Mammal Grooming with Anjie Coates


Anjie will cover:

  • Website And Why It’s Important

  • An Object In Motion…

  • So, Tell Me…Who Are You?

  • Show Me What You’ve Got!

  • Once They’re In The Door

  • Get Them Coming Back For More!

11 AM

Incorporating Photography Into Your Grooming with Anjie Coates


Anjie will cover:

  • Why Photography?

  • I Don’t Have Time! Yes, You Do!

  • Equipment

  • Backdrops, Underlayment, Props

  • Getting The Best From Your Pictures

  • Trademarks And What You Need To Know

1:00 PM

How to Successfully Market Your Holistic Pet Business with Malissa Conti-Diener


In this two-hour seminar Malissa will cover the following:

  1. How to market your holistic pet grooming services to your target demographic

    1. How to find your customer base, interact and draw them in

    2. Useful ways to keep your customers engaged and referring your business to their friends

  2. How to introduce specialty services and other modalities of holistic health

    1. How to use the art of conversation to introduce your specialty services

    2. Unique ways to showcase your difference in the holistic pet services marketplace

3:30 PM

Creating Compelling Content with Meg Ioffredo


Every business has one main objective: make a profit! How do you attract and retain your clientele? In today’s digital world, every caption, every post, every video needs to clearly convey your brand and message plus guide the client to book your services. From identifying your ideal client to grabbing their attention on social media platforms, join Meg with Elevation Media Management as she shows you how to create compelling content for your business!

Monday, March 21st

8 AM

Zero to Cheap Marketing with Misty Giecyzs


Want to learn how you can get you name out there without breaking the piggy bank? Will go over how to do things for just the cost of your time and materials. You don’t have to take out a full page ad in the paper. Try these low cost tricks.

9:30 AM

Flyers and Pamphlets Oh My! with Misty Giecyzs


What type of branding material do you need for your business? How to design your marketing to stand head and shoulders above your competition’s. 

11 AM

 How To Attract Those Creative Grooming Clientele with Erin Martin


Erin will show you how to increase your creative grooming clientele list and have people begging to get on your wait list!  She will cover when and where to advertise, how, and she will talk about social media ads.  She will also go over what to avoid.


Topics include: 

  • Pictures, pictures, and more pictures! (Videos too!)

  • Find your niche (stand out from the crowd)

  • Know your demographics

  • Determine your pricing 

  • Social Media: it’s free, it’s easy, it works! (STOP!  Don’t post there!)

  • Your dog is your business card

  • Think outside the business card: magnets, shirts, calendars, digital frames, model dogs, etc

  • Discounts and free color

12:30 PM

Make The Most Of  Testimonials with Mary Oquendo


Testimonials convey enthusiasm for and trust in your services. They come straight from your customers’ mouths or keyboards. And because they come from an unbiased third party, testimonials work well as less aggressive sales pitches, yet they still drive home key selling points.


Mary will cover how to easily get those testimonials and get the most from them.

2:00 PM

Captions, Hashtags, Stories and More! with Brittany Kanto


In this workshop Brittany Kanto will help you navigate different social media platforms and help you figure out the dreaded algorithms. Ever wonder if you’re using the right hashtags? Or maybe even broadcasting to your target audience? Learn how you can up your exposure and start branding yourself through social media. 


Brittany will cover:

  • How to reach your target audience 

  • The dreaded instagram algorithm 

  • Using the right hashtags #

  • Pictures and general posing 

  • Giveaways and proper tagging etiquette 

  • Facebook Groups 

  • Ambassadorship