Poodles And Doodles Or Is It Doodles And Poodles. Whichever You See The Most Of, We’ve Got You Covered!

This two-day online summit with the best in the industry will help you:

  • Save Time

    Imagine knowing which products to use to achieve the look you want!

  • Lessen Aggravation

    Learn to talk to clients about what they need and want while setting boundaries.

  • Level Up Those Skills

    Learn new techniques and how to use your tools to improve your grooming.

We start at 9 AM (Pacific Time) on Sunday, August 27th with:

Delighting The Doodle Owner 2-Hour Demo Workshop with Chris Anthony


Doodles; love them or loathe them, they are only growing in popularity. But decoding exactly what their owners want, much less actually delighting them, can be challenging. In this class, Chris will discuss breaking the news of the dreaded “shave down” gently, realistic coat maintenance, and with the help of a living unicorn (a tangle-free Doodle in long coat), learn some quick and easy chunker tricks to add some style to the traditional doodle trim.

Then at noon with:

Asian Fusion 2-hour Demo with Mindy Dinwiddie


Where to begin? Mindy will walk through the Asian Fusion cut that got her into the Doodle Modern Styles Special Edition. From the first brush to the last cut. Learn the how to make those cute faces that everyone is going crazy over.

On Monday, August  28th, we start at 9 AM (Pacific Time) with

Modern Poodle Trim 2-hours with Helen Schaefer


Spend 2 hours with award winning groomer Helen Schaefer as she puts Ka Pow in a Modern Trim.

Followed at 11:30 AM with:

Teddy Bear Poodle Trim with Amy Triezenberg


Spend 2 hours with award winning groomer Amy Triezenberg as she puts her poodle in a Teddy Bear Trim.

And then we’ll round out the summit at 2 PM with:

Doodle Coat Prep 2-hours with Tami Vornbrock


Take the struggle out of finishing Doodles! Proper Prep work is the secret to easy Doodle trims. Learn about products, equipment, hand tools and techniques that set up combination coats for ease of trimming and styling. No more drowning in Doodles!

You have 2 options to register:

If you have a Pawsitive Educational Training Summit membership, you do nothing. You are automatically registered and you get 6 weeks to watch the recordings. Don’t have a membership, then grab one at www.PawsitiveEd.com.


Don’t want a membership. Then you can buy this single summit at $109 until July 30th and then the price goes up to $147 and have 3 weeks to watch the recordings.

Poodles And Doodles Summit
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