Amy Triezenberg

Amy Triezenberg, is an Accomplished and award-winning groomer. She has made a name for herself in the industry through her exceptional grooming skills, creative styling , and her commitment to animal safety and wellbeing. Amy’s grooming achievements are impressive, having won numerous awards for her grooming expertise. She was a member of GroomTeam USA, for 6 years a prestigious organization that represents the United States at international dog grooming Competitions. Her creative styling has earned her placements in competitions, including the People’s Choice Award. Her scissoring skills are renowned, earning her the Best Scissored Dog Award. Amy has also been recognized for her all around grooming abilities, winning the Best in show and Best All-Around Groomer Awards. Her outstanding grooming work has earned her a nomination for Groomer of the Year, a recognition that speaks volumes about her talent and dedication to the craft. In addition to her grooming accomplishments, Amy is also a certified Pet Tech canin, CPR Instructor, ensuring that animals under her care receive the best possible care and attention.

Overall, Amy Triezenberg is a talented and accomplished groomer, whose passion for animal grooming and safety has won her numerous accolades and recognition within the industry.

Chris Anthony

Chris Anthony, weary from her travails in retail management and office work, found her calling when she discovered pet grooming. Her near 20 year journey in this career has led her through many opportunities, experiences,& life lessons; including grooming and managing in both s mall and corporate salons, and starting her own successful house call grooming business in New Jersey. Supplementing those life lessons by educating herself on the varying aspects of her career she always sought out innovations in pet care, education, grooming techniques, tools and products. Now her passion for grooming & education has added more in depth knowledge on scissors, scissoring techniques, ergonomics and self care to help preserve her own health and longevity in her chosen profession. She is the owner/groomer at Have Shears Will Travel, customer service/sales Vp at Evolution Shears. Chris is also honored to have co-founded the New Jersey Professional Pet Groomers Alliance and serves as its current Chairwoman.

Helen Schaefer

Helen J Schaefer, National Certified Master Groomer (NCMG), Certified Canine Esthetician (CCE)  is a Top ranked internationally competitive groomer, industry speaker, and educator. She is best known for her resilience, dedication, and sound advice. In the ring, she specializes in American Cockers, Kerry Blue Terriers, Bichons, and poodles, especially in the European Secondary Trim.

She is a vital member of the operations team for Heart + Paw, helping develop continuing education programs for the groomers.

Helen has been nominated for multiple Barkleigh Honors for both her educational speaking engagements as well her content creation.

She was the recipient of 2020 Up and Coming Speaker of the Year. She was again nominated in 2021 for Speaker of the Year as well as a 2021 Groomer of the Year Nominee, her VLog “Groomer Problems” won the 2022 Podcast of the Year Barkleigh Honor.

Mindy Dinwiddie

Starting out as a career woman, she worked in both Law Enforcement and the corporate world. After overcoming cancer in 2006, She decided she was going to do something that would truly make her happy. She quit her current job and began working under a local groomer to learn the tools of the trade. Now owning her own family run grooming business, she has worked hard for the high standards of comfort and care that they give all their canine clients. Every chance she gets, she still works to further her education of new techniques and tools. She also travels variously throughout the year to help in the education of others in different topics of grooming. These include Asian Fusion, Tools and Products of the Trade, and my most popular, Caring for Geriatric and/or Obese Dogs.

Tami Vornbrock

Tami Vornbrock graduated grooming school in 1996 and became a business owner in 2006. She currently has a homebased salon and that has given her the freedom to start pursing other career opportunities such as speaking and consulting. Tami has her Master Groomer certificate with both International Professional Groomers and National Dog Groomers Association of America, and is a Certified Canine Esthetician. She was among the first group to receive the Pet Groomer Credential, the first and only standardized test for Professional Groomers. In 2017 Tami taught grooming at Washington Corrections Center for Women through Prison Pet Partnership Program and in 2020 she founded Washington Association of Professional Pet Groomers.