Poor prep work can turn what could’ve been a gorgeous haircut into a customer looking for a new salon. Prep work is the foundation every groom rests upon. If the prep work isn’t done well, then the groom will never look its best regardless of the experience and skill of the groomer.

Are you looking to uplevel your grooming skills? Then these 2 days of workshops should not be missed! Pawsitive Educational Training online Prep Summit will be held on Sunday, September 11th and Monday, September 12th starting at 9AM current Pacific Time. Live workshops are closed captioned and transcripts will be provided for the recordings. Upon request, transcripts can be provided in other languages.

Let’s start off on Sunday with Anjie Coates and her 4-hour Bather Brusher Program. A solid bath and condition is required to create the right look for every pet. This program will cover:

  • It All Starts In The Tub And Shampoo, Which Ones & Why

  • Recipes, Conditioning, Oils, And Sprays

  • Drying, Brushing And Combing It’s Not So Straightforward

  • Skimming, Thinners, Chunkers, And Shears

  • The underside, sanitary, Ears, Nails, Feet, And Tail

And then spend 2 hours on The Importance Of The Underside with Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins. Ever notice that when groomers put all their focus into the, admittedly, most visible finish work on outer legs, torso, and heads, while the finished effect was still scruffy and unkempt because they have completely ignored the undersides of the dog? The undersides of a groom are not the most sexy or exciting, and rarely do they get much attention, but they are actually incredibly important to a well-groomed, well-finished and balanced dog. Join Jennifer for this visually-documented deep dive into armpits, groins, sanitary trims, paw pads, under-ears, and all the other places in a groom not easily seen but very important—especially to the dog!

Round out the summit on Monday with Tami Vornbrock. Take the struggle out of finishing Doodles with this 4-hour Doodle coat prep workshop! Proper Prep work is the secret to easy Doodle trims. Learn about products, hand tools and techniques that set up combination coats for ease of trimming and styling. No more drowning in Doodles!

Step up your game with great prep work by learning the anatomy, handling, tools and techniques that can even turn an OK haircut into a gorgeous finish.

I Bet You’re Wondering How To Register. You Have 2 Options:

If you have a Pawsitive Educational Training Summit membership, you do nothing. You are automatically registered and you get 6 weeks to watch the recordings. Don’t have a membership, then grab one at PawsitiveEd.com.


Don’t want a membership. Then you can buy this single summit at $109 until August 20th and then the price goes up to $147 and have 3 weeks to watch the recordings.

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