Anjie Coates

Anjie Coates has been grooming for 34 years and has taught 8 groomers how to groom during her career. Understanding the foundational elements of grooming is absolutely critical to a good groom and it all begins in the bathtub. You can never get a good groom without good preparation. There are so many simple things you can do to improve a groom that will actually save you time and she will share them all with you.

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins, MA, ICMG, PGC, CCE 
Jennifer is the owner of Love Fur Dogs in Glencoe, Illinois, and was named Best Groomer in Chicagoland by the Chicago Tribune in 2015. Jennifer is an award-winning educator and has been a Master Groomer since 1985. Jennifer is a retired schoolteacher who has dabbled in the dog show world for forty years, where she learned to groom. Jennifer founded the Illinois Professional Pet Groomers Association and is part of the leadership team for NAGA, the National Alliance of Grooming Associations. She is the author of the acclaimed “Groomers Guide To The 15 Coat Types” seminars, and a poster and book of the same name. Her academically rich webinars can be found by visiting her website at

Tami Vornbrock

Tami Vornbrock graduated grooming school in 1996, became a business owner in 2006, and has groomed in every setting except housecall throughout her career. She currently has a homebased salon and that has given her the freedom to start pursing other career opportunities such as speaking and consulting. Tami has her Master Groomer certificate with both International Professional Groomers and National Dog Groomers Association of America, and is a Certified Canine Esthetician. She started Washington Associaton of Professional Pet Groomers in 2020 and serves as the president.