As professional pet groomers, we need to learn what mistakes to avoid on and off the clock to be prepared for any emergency, our safety, and the safety of the pets in our care.

Are you prepared for any emergency? Do you know how to protect yourself and the pets in your care? We can show you how! These 2 days of workshops should not be missed! Pawsitive Educational Training online Safety Summit will be held on Sunday, July 7th, and Monday, July 8th, starting at 9AM current Pacific Time. Live workshops are closed captioned and transcripts will be provided for the recordings. Upon request, transcripts can be provided in other languages.

  • Personal Safety for the Salon, Mobile & Housecall Groomer with Anjie Coates (4 hour Certificate Class)

    One unfortunate side of being a female majority in the world of grooming is that women are far more at risk for their personal safety. We deal with aggressive customers, and sometimes, these interactions go off the rails. I will help you change your perception of your safety and empower you to make safety in your salon, mobile van, or housecall grooming a habit. This course includes safety at trade shows and personal safety in your day-to-day life.

  • Safety Grooming Equipment with Anjie Coates

    We all know not every tool is made for every job. As groomers, we use a wide array of things to help us get the job done safely. In this class, we will cover the myriad of options available to us as groomers that can help us get the pets in our care done safely for them, and for us as well.

  • Emergency Preparedness with Kate Klasen and Mary Oquendo (4 Hour Certificate class)

    Is your business ready for an Emergency??  Do you notice the hazards in your workplace?

    Are you prepared?

    • What emergencies can happen in the grooming salon?

    • What emergencies can happen in mobile? 

    • Educational training?

    • Proper Equipment?

    What to do before EMS arrives

    • considerations on how EMS functions 

    • Every second counts; time is not on our side 

    Activate Emergency Response Plan. Do you have a plan to evacuate quickly?

    • Supplies ready

    • People and pets

    What happens after the incident?  In the aftermath of a critical incident, can your business survive? 

    In this class we discuss how to be prepared for an emergency. It is not just a matter of knowing CPR/First Aid, but does your business have an evacuation plan? Do you have proper supplies on hand?  Do you have a network if something happens?  When an emergency happens, time is not on your side, plan ahead and be prepared. 

We deal with aggressive customers, and sometimes these interactions go off the rails. We will help you change your perception of your safety and empower you to make your safety while grooming a habit. We will also teach you what emergencies you could face and how to be prepared before you face them to lessen the impact on your business. 

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