Anjie Coates

During her 30 years in the grooming industry, Anjie realized that more than just dogs & cats needed her, and began to specialize in rabbits and other small mammals. At Furry Tails, the salon she co-owns in Holden Mass, she’s created a niche market as a rabbit groomer and is recommended as the “go to rabbit groomer” by veterinarians as far away as Maine. Her passion for continuing education shows through in her achieving CMRG (Certified Master Rabbit Groomer) as well as CCE, ACG and PGC. Combining that drive to be educated with a need to share that knowledge has led her to teach Pet Tech First Aide & CPR classes for groomers and pet owners alike. This brand ambassador for All For Groomers is currently publishing the first rabbit grooming book in the industry.

Mary Oquendo

Mary is a professional speaking strategist who works with seasoned as well as novice professional pet speakers. Mary understands the importance of not just encouraging the next generation of educators, but to give them the tools to effectively present and organize their knowledge to the next generation of pet professionals in an easy to digest manner, along with the necessary technical skills to keep ahead of the competition.

Mary is the host of two award winning podcasts, The Traveling Groomers & Women Petprenures.

Mary has worked with thousands of students and has beamed with pride as she watched as professional pet educators reach and change the lives of their students.

Mary was awarded the 2012 David Salzberg Outstanding Contribution To The Pet Industry.

Mary was first nominated for a Barkleigh Honors Award in 2012 and has been every year since.

Before founding Pawsitive Educational Training, Mary has spoken and continues to speak at numerous professional pet educational conferences since 2006, as well as been published in Groomer To Groomer and Natural Awakenings magazines as columnists.

Mary got her start in the pet industry in 1998, when she answered a help wanted sign at a corporate grooming facility and in 2002 operated Pawsitively Pretty Mobile Grooming Salon until she retired in 2019.

Mary’s first student was a mobile grooming client who was coerced into taking her pet first aid class. Once the class ended, her client hugged her and thanked her. From there it was no stopping her.