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Sunday, February 27th

9:00 AM

Handstripping 101 with Brittany Kanto


This workshop will cover a basic understanding of techniques, tool usage and benefits of handstripping, as well as how to incorporate handstipping techniques into everyday grooming to level up your pet grooms.

10:30 AM

Preparing for Better Grooms with Heather Blomquist


In this class Heather will discuss making the most out of your bathing and drying time. What techniques that can not only make you more efficient, but also make your finish work better. We will cover product and tools to make dematting easier. The use of stand dryers to properly fluff and straighten coats, from curly poodle coats to sporting dogs. Set yourself up for success on every groom!

12 Noon

Grooming For A Lifetime with Susy Scott


We are lucky to work in a very flexible career.  It’s one in which we can work long into our senior years if we wish to, or if we need to. It’s a lifestyle. It supports our families, and it brings interesting people into our lives.  How do we insure that what we do in our early years doesn’t wreck our senior years?  Susy will discuss all the ways to stay on the as we age.

1:30 PM

Communication With Customers with Karen Wagoner


In the field of grooming, the customer is rarely “right”, but treating them wrongly is just bad business.  Do you want to have happier clients?  Make them feel heard?  Learn how to use communication skills to help smooth the road on client relationships.

3:00 PM

Prepping A Curly Coat For A Flawless Finish with Tami Vornbrock


Do you want to improve your trims on curly coated breeds? The first step is great prep work. In this class we will cover products, tools, and techniques to bathe and dry curly coats to perfection. Level up your Poodle and Bichon grooms with this class!