Amy Triezenberg, is an Accomplished and award-winning groomer. She has made a name for herself in the industry through her exceptional grooming skills, creative styling , and her commitment to animal safety and wellbeing.

Amy’s grooming achievements are impressive, having won numerous awards for her grooming expertise. She was a member of GroomTeam USA, for 6 years a prestigious organization that represents the United States at international dog grooming Competitions. Her creative styling has earned her placements in competitions, including the People’s Choice Award.

Her scissoring skills are renowned, earning her the Best Scissored Dog Award. Amy has also been recognized for her all around grooming abilities, winning the Best in show and Best All-Around Groomer Awards. Her outstanding grooming work has earned her a nomination for Groomer of the Year, a recognition that speaks volumes about her talent and dedication to the craft. In addition to her grooming accomplishments, Amy is also
a certified Pet Tech canin, CPR Instructor, ensuring that animals under her care receive the best possible care and attention.

Overall, Amy Triezenberg is a talented and accomplished groomer, whose passion for animal grooming and safety has won her numerous accolades and recognition within the industry.

Amy’s Workshops

Competition Grooming For Beginners