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A Spirited Life

If you’re a dog lover, “A Spirited Life” is a must-read. Filled with personal photographs, this book takes you on a journey through the life of an incredible dog. It offers inspiration for anyone who feels life has dealt them a tough hand. Despite facing challenges, this dog, with the support of his mom Mary Oquendo, transformed his adversity into something truly remarkable. The book’s humorous and touching anecdotes will have you laughing, crying, and occasionally spitting out your drink.

Mobile Groomers Bible

Stuck in neutral? Scared of dropping a large sum on a grooming vehicle and not know where to begin? Maybe you are already making payments and need to get your business to flourish. Perhaps, you already have an established mobile grooming business and are looking to grow.

No matter where you are in your business The Mobile Groomer’s Bible is the definitive guide to navigating mobile grooming. This comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand book combines almost a half-century of experience in the world of mobile grooming.

Let Mary and Beth, leaders and pioneers in the mobile grooming industry, help you grow and cultivate your own mobile grooming business. Topics cover everything from planning and starting a mobile business to preparing for retirement.

“I sure could’ve used a book like this when I first started mobile grooming in 2007! It’s comprehensive and detailed, yet written in a way that anyone can understand. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is exploring the idea of becoming a professional mobile groomer.” Lori Monian, Lori’s Grooming, Paradise, CA.

Emergency And Disaster Plan Template

Are you tired of putting off your emergency and disaster planning manual? Look no further! This 67-page fillable template will make the process a breeze. Simply fill in the blanks for your business and gain access to checklists for supplies, common hazards, debriefing, evacuation and sheltering in place protocols, resources, recovery, maintenance, as well as best intake practices. It’s time to take action and be prepared!


It also includes access to a private Facebook group for live co-working sessions to get it filled out that much faster.

Holistic Pet Grooming

The Art of Helping Pets Feel as Great as They Look


Pepe was banned from many shops due to aggression. What if Pepe was not evil, but simply overwhelmed in a grooming environment? Could environmental and personal attitude changes impact Pepe’s experience?

The answer to that is a resounding yes. Over the years, Mary Oquendo and Daryl Conner have been building upon easy changes that have transformed the way they groom.

Holistic Pet Grooming is a compilation of those changes that positively impacted interactions with the pets in their care and changed Pepe, and countless other pets, from acting “evil” to being solid grooming citizens.

The Quintessential Rabbit Book

The Quintessential Rabbit Book is paperback 183 full-color pages. It details breeds, colors, anatomy, body language, auditory communication, grooming basics, common issues, zoonoses and disease, safety and sanitation, marketing, proper intake, forms, handling, manipulation of the rabbit body, nail trimming, grooming the short coated rabbit, grooming the long-haired rabbit and a glossary. Included are hundreds of photos so you can see real-life situations of rabbit grooming.

Additionally, this book was reviewed by two separate small mammal veterinarians for accuracy and won the Barkleigh Honors for 2023 Book of the Year.

Mobile Groomers Companion Guide

Introducing The Mobile Groomers Companion Guide- your essential 90-page resource for launching a successful mobile grooming business. This comprehensive guide equips you with all the essential insights to conduct thorough groundwork before making a substantial investment in a vehicle. Discover invaluable sections covering client, pet, groomer, and vehicle safety, pricing strategies, as well as routing and scheduling techniques.