Sunday, February 25th

9 AM

Adding Photography to your Business with Anjie Coates


 In this day of social media if you’re not capitalizing on photography in your business, you are leaving money on the table. I will show you how you can set up a photography area in your salon and mobile grooming businesses. Learn from my mistakes and successes after taking pictures of every pet groomed for the last 12 years. You can add this amazingly fun and customer-attracting addition to your business and add only 2 minutes per pet to your day.

11 AM

Unlocking The World Of  Video Creation with Amy Triezenberg


Unlock the art of video creation in our Video Production Fundamentals class. From shooting techniques to essential editing skills, you’ll learn to capture compelling footage and turn it into captivating content. Learn the basics of camera settings, editing software, storytelling, and exporting, gaining the confidence to create professional videos for any purpose. Start your journey into the world of video today!

1 PM

How To Build Your Brand with Markie James


Markie James has done graphic design and social media campaigns for high end furniture companies, groomers (including her own salon), insurance companies, and even grocery stores. In this seminar she will walk you through the ins and outs of not just conceptualizing your own brand, but making it happen. How to streamline your social media campaigns and get your logos “on brand”. She’ll go over the four steps of branding, and how to set up a marketing plan to fit your style. You’ll walk out of this seminar with the tools in hand and ideas brewing to create or transform your own brand!

3 PM

Grow Your Business With Tiktok with Marcia Strong


  • Learn how to use social media, for free, to grow your clientele. 

  • How to make extra income while doing what you already do in your salon every day. 

  • Navigating brand deals and paid sponsorships. 

  • How each social media platform works. 

  • Getting that “viral” video.

Monday, February 26th

9 AM

Marketing Your Brand with Mindy Dinwiddie


Now that you have your brand the next step is to market your self and your brand. Get you and your business out there for everyone to see. From advertising to social media, what platforms can be used, ideas to get your name out. How to handle reviews good and bad. How to avoid the pitfalls.

10:30 AM


Elevate Your Media Masterclass with Meg Ioffredo (4 hours)


Do you find yourself with no time to build your social media presence? Or maybe you are just bamboozled by the constantly changing platforms. Regardless of your struggle, Meg Ioffredo of Elevation Media Management designed this four part masterclass to help. Beginning with a history of social media, the course continues with insightful graphic design information and wraps up with utilizing two important apps: Canva and Business Suite. By the end of this masterclass, you will be able to efficiently post strategically built graphics to your social media platforms and be able to develop and tweak your marketing plan. For maximum results from this course, have Canva and Business Suite open in separate windows to follow along during parts three and four.


Part 1: Social Media Introduction

Join Meg to discover the history of social media with a special focus on Facebook and Instagram. Then, you will explore the various features of these two platforms and learn what is useful and what is not. Most importantly, this class will help you see how important a social media presence is and how you can make it work for you, whether you are a business owner or not!


Part 2: Graphic Design Concepts

From color theory, to design properties, to typography, this class has it all! Explore how everyday advertisements use these graphic design concepts to influence your buying decisions, then learn how to apply these same concepts to your business advertising. You will not see any advertisement the same after this class!


Part 3: Working within Canva

Take a deep dive into the Canva application as Meg creates a grooming advertisement from scratch using the concepts learned in the previous class. Explore the numerous features of this app and make the app work for you with the magic wand! It is recommended prior to this class to download the app Canva to your phone or have it open on your browser in a second window (Meg will be showing you in browser) to follow along.


Part 4: Scheduling with Business Suite

Social media takes up so much time, plus it’s easy to get caught up in a “scroll-hole” (or doom scrolling). Yet, it’s so important to maintain a social media presence, especially if you have a grooming business. The fix? Use the application Business Suite to batch-schedule your social media posts. This class will guide you through the features of this app, and teach you how to understand the analytical insights provided within. You will learn how to use this app to develop and tweak a marketing plan for either your business or portfolio. It is recommended prior to this class to download the app Business Suite to your phone or have it open on your browser in a second window (Meg will be showing you in browser) to follow along.