Keep your clients, pets, employees, and yourself healthy and safe with professional sanitation and safety practices by attending the online Sanitation and Safety Summit

We’ll start off on Sunday , July 23rd  starting at 9 AM Pacific with Anjie Coate’s 5-hour  Salon Sanitation  And Safety. (Don’t worry, we’ve scheduled breaks.)



 This course will teach you the best practices for proper sanitation methods for everything within a groomer’s purview. This includes all work areas, all tools, as well as crating. This course covers zoonoses, which cleaners will or won’t kill them, as well as the difference between cleaning, disinfection, and sanitation. You will be taught the best practices for handling this disease within a salon, mobile, or housecall setting. Safety in the salon and preventing injury to yourself and the pet are covered as well. This program will be presented over three sessions.

Then on Monday, July 24th we’ll start with Ouch, Don’t Do That with Chris Anthony


Not just another buzz word, ergonomics is an applied science focused on our tools & workspaces working with us instead of against us. This seminar will explain & demystify ergonomics as it relates to grooming; including tools, posture and stretches designed to keep you healthy and pain free. We will also cover where safety and ergonomics meet in the grooming salon. Updated to include the ergonomics of PPE.

Followed up with Essential Cleaning and Use of Recirculating Bathing Systems with Ashley Hanvey


The why and how of keeping your recirculating bathing system clean and sanitary for all of your furry clients! From the DIY Sump pump recirculators, The Bathing Beauty, OPAWZ Recirc, Hydrosurge, and More! Plus bonus content for 2023.

And then finish off this summit with Planning For Accidents with Mary Oquendo


This 3+ hour workshop will familiarize pet professionals with how to deal and approach accidents in our grooming facilities regardless  if you are a shop, housecall, or mobile groomer, as well as injuries occuring to the pets in our care, the pet professional or the pet owner. Mary will cover:

  • Why It’s Important

  • Inside Facilities

  • Outside Facilities

  • Clients/Animals

  • Pet Professionals

  • Basic First Aid

  • Preparation

  • What To Do After The Fact

You Have Two Options To Register

If you have a Pawsitive Educational Training Summit membership, you do nothing. You are automatically registered and you get 6 weeks to watch the recordings. Don’t have a membership, then grab one at  Plus you get Anjie’s Coates Sanitation Workbook and Test For Anjie’s specific certificate on Salon Sanitation.


Don’t want a membership. Then you can buy this single summit at $109 until June 24th and then the price goes up to $147 and have 3 weeks to watch the recordings.

Sanitation and Safety Summit
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And if you would like Anjie’s Coates Sanitation Workbook and Test For Anjie’s specific certificate on Salon Sanitation, it is available as an add on for $47. Click here to purchase.