This Halloween-themed pet grooming summit offers a unique blend of spooky fun and essential knowledge, making it a can’t-miss event for any groomer looking to up their skills and avoid frights! Here’s how it benefits you:

Thrilling Techniques:

  • Creative Grooming: Learn how to transform pets into adorable (or terrifying!) Halloween characters. Mastering these techniques can attract new clients, win costume contests, and boost your social media presence.

  • Quick Creative Addons: Learn techniques for spooky stencils, hair coloring that’s safe for pets, and other festive touches to make your clients stand out during the season.

  • Doodle Expertise: Deep dive into specific doodle styles and techniques. Learn about the unique coat characteristics of different doodle mixes.

Tame the Beasts (Safely):

  • Handling Difficult Dogs: Not all clients are cuddly! Learn proven techniques to handle aggressive dogs safely. Mastering these skills reduces stress for you and the animal, making grooming a positive experience for everyone.

  • Handling Cats: Cats can be the ultimate grooming monsters! This session equips you with safe and effective methods to handle even the feistiest felines, reducing stress for you and the kitty.

Avoiding Haunts:

  • Employer Red Flags: Don’t get tricked by a bad work environment! Learn how to identify red flags in potential employers, like unclear contracts, overwork, or lack of safety protocols. This ensures you find a fulfilling and positive grooming experience.

  • Employee Red Flags: Spot potential problems with new hires before they become a nightmare. This session can help you identify signs of unreliability, lack of hygiene, or animal handling issues.

Facing Your Fears:

  • Scary Skin Conditions: Just like humans, pets can suffer from spooky skin issues. This session educates you on recognizing and handling concerning conditions like mange, allergies, and hot spots. Early detection allows for proper treatment and keeps pets healthy.

Overall, this summit offers a well-rounded package, equipping you with the creative skills to stand out, the knowledge to handle challenging situations, and the awareness to avoid bad working conditions. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your grooming expertise and avoid any pet-related scares!

Spooky Creative with Angela Kumpe


Spooky Addons with Angela Kumpe


Who’s having a hard time, me or the dog? with Mary Kniskern

A workshop on handling and possibly mitigating aggressive behavior on the grooming table. How can the groomer change their perspective to cultivate an environment of trust for the dog?

Ooey, Gooey and things that go Bump on the skin! with Michelle Knowles

This is a 2 hour odyssey into the world of nightmarish skin conditions. They can start with a dry patch or a small infection and create long term problems if not handled properly. Some conditions are zoonotic and can be passed between animal and human! We will learn what to look for, how to support the skin and the likelihood of the condition returning. There will be numerous pictures, trigger alert!! Images may be disturbing to the sensitive!

Don’t Be A Scaredy Cat.with Mary Oquendo

Cats are a different species from dogs. Let Mary show you how to read a cat’s body language and utilize safe handling and protection tips to make that scary cat into a sweet kitty.

Terrifying Pets That Belong At The Vet Not The Groomer with Brittany Valania

When pets come in and belong at the vet, not the groomer, things can go sideways quickly! This class can help you identify issues before you take them into your salon so they can address their problems where they belong, which is not under your liability or in your care.

Unveiling the Mysterious World of Doodles: Taming the Terror of Doodle Grooming

Does seeing a new doodle on the schedule strike fear & dread into your very soul? Come with us if you want to live! Join us in this hour-long class with video footage of different doodles and watch puppies’ grooming needs evolve in a behind-the-scenes glimpse into a doodle’s parent’s mind. We’ll cover in-depth the client communication issues that may be the main reason for the doodle “issues” and division in the grooming community. (2 hour class)

Walk on the Spooky Side of Interviews! With Chris Bear Anthony & Anjie Coates

This is two classes in one—from the employer and employee perspectives.

Spot potential problems with new hires before they become a nightmare. Anjie can help you identify signs of unreliability, lack of hygiene, or animal handling issues.
Interviews aren’t just for employers. Chris will share warning signs during interviews she should’ve walked away from and things that may only rise zombie-like from your nightmares during employment. Discover the red flags that should give you pause and what should make you run, not walk, right out of that grooming salon.

FOR FULL DESCRIPTIONS AND SCHEDULE: Styling with the Masters Schedule

These seven amazing groomers will help your grooms reach the next level, and fill in the blanks on both Poodle and various styles of Terrier grooming. This two-day online educational opportunity with 10 hours of content and 2 certification opportunities will provide you with the tools to help improve your grooming strategies.

How much better could your grooms be after spending 10 hours with some of the masters in our industry?


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