Here’s why pet groomers should be well-versed in specific techniques for poodles and hand stripping for terriers:


  • Maintaining Poodle Coat Health: Poodles have a non-shedding, curly coat that requires regular grooming to prevent matting and discomfort. Proper techniques ensure a clean cut that promotes healthy hair growth and reduces the risk of skin irritation.

  • Breed Standard Styles: Poodles have various breed-specific styles, like the Poodle Clip or the Puppy Clip. Knowing these styles allows groomers to deliver the desired aesthetic while maintaining proper coat health.

  • Client Satisfaction: Poodle owners often expect a professional groom that enhances their dog’s unique look. Mastering poodle grooming techniques builds trust and keeps clients happy.

Terriers with Wire Coats:

  • Coat Preservation: Terriers with wiry coats benefit from hand stripping, which removes dead hair while keeping the topcoat intact. Clipping damages the wiry texture and can lead to a dull, softer coat over time.

  • Skin and Coat Health: Hand stripping promotes healthy hair growth and minimizes the risk of ingrown hairs, a common problem for terriers with clipped coats.

  • Breed Standard Compliance: Many terrier breeds have specific coat styles achieved through hand stripping. Proper technique ensures the dog adheres to breed standards for shows or simply for a breed-specific look.

Overall, mastering these techniques allows pet groomers to provide exceptional care for these popular dog breeds. It ensures healthy coats, happy dogs, and satisfied clients.

Two Tested Certificates are available for you to achieve for this summit! One for Poodles and one for Terriers! 

Poodles (4-hour Certificate Course)


Strip or Clip: Mastering Coat Techniques with Loren Mesquita

Join us for an enlightening one-hour seminar, “Strip or Clip,” where we delve into the essential grooming techniques that distinguish hand stripping from clipping, particularly for terrier coats and sport jackets. This seminar (hopefully possibly featuring the renowned Sally Hawks, a pioneer in hand stripping) is designed to educate everyday pet groomers on the nuances of maintaining a natural coat’s integrity versus the convenience of clipping.


Participants will learn about the importance of selecting the right grooming method to enhance both the quality of the pet’s coat and skin. The seminar will cover practical use of various tools such as carding knives, stripping knives, and stones, providing hands-on insights into their effective use.


This session is perfect for groomers seeking to elevate their service offerings and cater to clients who demand superior results for their pets. Enhance your skills and understanding of these vital grooming techniques to deliver exceptional care and aesthetic excellence.

Just another Flatwork Monday with Amy Hendren

In today’s increasingly litigious society, it’s more important than ever to understand how to handle as many different types of dogs as possible safely. So, what do we do when we feel our safety is compromised? In this two-hour class, Melissa shows you in real time how to quickly, compassionately, and efficiently handle the difficult behavioral problems we face every day.

Finding terriers tricky? with Anne Francis

Pet terrier clips giving you difficulty? Have trouble setting patterns, blending furnishings, or clipper lines? Anne will show you where to set lines using snap-on combs and how to blend those clipper lines into a flawless pet trim. Anne will share the tricks she has learned to set her pet trims apart from others. Demo dog westie

Mastering Transition Blending: Hand Stripping Techniques for Norwich Terriers with Manessa Donovan

Learn advanced hand-stripping techniques focused on blending transition areas for Norwich Terriers. Gain skills in identifying key areas, selecting tools, and achieving a polished finish. These techniques can be used on Norwich Terrier and all terrier breeds. They are perfect for groomers seeking to refine their skills and master the art of hand stripping.

From Bald to Beautiful with Heather Hudson

In this one-hour seminar, learn the benefits of balding in handstripping wire-coated terriers. Heather will discuss the many uses of this technique, including restoring blown or damaged coats and staging show coats. Learn when this, sometimes controversial, technique is best used and on what breeds. This seminar will not be focused on any one breed but instead will discuss several different breeds in which balding can be beneficial.

Intro To The Soft Coated Wheaten with Katherine Roldan

In this one-hour class Katherine will introduce you to the basics of grooming a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. Wheaten Terriers have a vast history spanning decades, and their complex history in this country and others has helped create the breed we know and love today. Katherine aims to teach you how their differing coats make them a unique breed that qualifies them for a vital spot in grooming in salons and competitions. She will cover the standard, which is the basis of all grooming, and explain the fundamentals that differentiate a show groom from a modified pet trim. This will most certainly include the different coat types to be found in the breed. Katherine will also cover the best tools and techniques she has learned in her thorough breed study.

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These seven amazing groomers will help your grooms reach the next level, and fill in the blanks on both Poodle and various styles of Terrier grooming. This two-day online educational opportunity with 10 hours of content and 2 certification opportunities will provide you with the tools to help improve your grooming strategies.

How much better could your grooms be after spending 10 hours with some of the masters in our industry?


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