So, you got the 5 free downloadable crystal grid templates.

Now what do you do with them?

You love Crystals; have them all over your house, just lying around looking pretty, all lazy, and not earning their keep. (Yes, you have teenage crystals.) Let me show you how to put them work by solving specific problems by enhancing their energy with Crystal Grids.



  • Have bad neighbors? Are they not respecting your boundaries? The hooligans! The Home Protection grid can help with that!

  • Having trouble meditating or connecting to higher beings? Can’t get access to your inner wisdom? The Meditation Grid is for you.

  • Is chronic back or joint pain stopping you from enjoying life? Are you sitting on the sidelines while everyone else plays? Let the Chronic Pain Grid works its wonders.

  • Does it feel like you are consistently under the weather, always getting sick, or suffer from a chronic medical condition. Then the Immune Booster Grid is right up your alley.

  • Are your thoughts all over the place, maybe even keeping you up at night? Calm The Monkey Brain Grid is designed specifically for that!

That’s just the beginning.

For $7. (That’s less than the price of 2 Frappacinos over at Starbucks) You get this awesome crystal grid workbook to get you started  crystal gridding. What are you waiting for!

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