Sunday, September 24th

9 AM

Organizing Tips for Your Salon with Anjie Coates


When in a salon environment, it’s sometimes challenging to maximize the space. I’m going to show you some great tips to help you turn a small space into a space that can be easier to clean easier to maintain and so that you can keep everything organized to save yourself time and headaches.

10:30 AM

Managing Toxicity in the Workplace with Denise Heroux


Workplaces are a spot where multiple personality types and people from all walks of life come together. It is no surprise that no matter how strong of a work culture exists, toxic environments can arise. Whether you are an employee or employer, this seminar will go over ways to recognize and mange problematic environments.

12 Noon

Branding Your Business with Mindy Dinwiddie


We will look at the process from to beginning of branding you and your business. What it all entails and how to go about make those decisions. As you start your career how you start your brand can be more difficult than we think. You brand is you and your business’s identity. Thinking of Rebranding? This class is for you too. When should you rebrand? Mindy will help answer your questions!

1:30 PM

Business Set Up with Mary Oquendo


In this  2 hour workshop, Mary will give you an understanding of your legal and governmental responsibilities as a new business owner so that you can make informed decisions to ensure the success of your venture. Mary will discuss the what professional will help you, resources that is available to you, different business  structures to choose from, and most importantly, how to put together a business plan.

Monday, September 25th

9 AM

Hiring Like A Pro with  Misty Gieczys


How do you go about adding staff? What do I even ask about? Will show you how to put together a hiring ad and how to go about conducting an interview. What are red flags to look out for. And hidden gems you should be on the look out for.

11:30 AM

How to Start Planning for Retirement with River Lee


Do you know how and when you should begin planning for retirement? Learn the basics and options for both business owner and employee. It is never too early or to late to begin planning

We will cover:

  •     Planning for the future

  •     Traditional or Roth IRA

  •     SEP IRA

  •     Simple IRA

1 PM

Minority Recruitment And Development with Kyla Williams


In this workshop, we will discuss how different backgrounds and cultures can enhance your grooming business. We will talk about generalizations, stereotypes, and assumptions sometimes get in the way of earning potential for your business. We will give strategies and best practices on how to build and develop relationships with people who can be great employees if given the opportunity to shine for you and your business. Lastly we will model and ask for group participation on the best ways to communicate to employees and clients that you are standing behind employees who others may feel uneasy about because they haven’t had any personal experiences with people of different backgrounds.

2:30 PM

Commission Vs. Hourly Pay with  Grayson Robertson


Historically, groomers have been paid on a commission basis. In this workshop, learn why this pay structure is outdate and not advantageous for your business and how you can make a change to hourly-based pay.