The Fear Of Hiring Employees Is Real!

Let’s alleviate it and set you up for success.


There is a lot of taboo when it comes to hiring employees within a grooming business. You’ve seen the negative stories, or you may already have your own to share. There are so many benefits to adding a team. Every business owner deserves to achieve their goals without feeling like they are not in control of employees. Together we can build your dream team!


This 2-hour introduction course to The Methodical Approach To Hiring is packed with information to help you expand your business. I will cover everything you need to prepare for employees, how to find them and the steps needed to add quality employees.

I attended Denise’s seminar, and while I already had 4 employees, she helped me take that leap to hire a receptionist. This is her first week, and while there is a huge learning curve since she doesn’t have pet grooming experience, it’s already freeing up so much time for me to focus. I also realized I wasn’t interviewing as well as I should. Her seminar is worth it! 

You Will Learn:

  • How to tell if your business is ready to expand

  • What positions should you be looking to create

  • Documents for a solid foundation

  • Importance of work culture

  • Visualizing your ideal employee

  • What to look for building your dream team

  • How to write ads to attract the right people for your business

  • Where to place your ads

  • Build a strong application

  • Design a strong interview process to help sell your business

Denise was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about hiring bathers and groomers, and creating an environment where they will want to stay and THRIVE.

Only $97 with access for 6 months!

After attending Denise’s seminar, I was able to hyper focus on what I didn’t know I was lacking. She was able to connect the dots that we needed to bring on talented employees while also keeping our hiring timeline on track. Her insight of what works and what doesn’t has helped us bring on and maintain our current work force.