Angela Kumpe

Angela Kumpe

Anjie Coates

During her 35 years in the grooming industry, Anjie spent much of it learning about every aspect of grooming and business. She knew she had to share the knowledge she had gained and began teaching grooming and business so others could learn the secrets of her success. This has also led her to teach Pet Tech First Aid & CPR classes for pet professionals and owners and become a Certified Master Pet Tech Instructor. Her passion for continuing education shows through her achieving CMRG, ICMCG, CCE, PGC, and PGCE. In 2023, her book “The Quintessential Rabbit Book” won the Barkleigh Honors, Book of the Year.

Brittany Valania

Heather has been a professional groomer since 2009. She owned her salon, StylaPet Dog Spa, for 12  years in New Lenox, IL, before transitioning to working full-time as a product consultant and educator for Iv San Bernard USA. She is also a Nationally Certified Master Groomer through the National Dog Groomers Association of America and a Certified Pet Aesthetician through the Iv San Bernard training program. Heather has taught many seminars and private lessons over the years, and in 2019, she traveled across the sea to teach at the Iv San Bernard Mega Show in Empoli, Italy. She strongly focuses on terriers and wire-coated dogs and has shown her Lakeland Terriers in the dog show and grooming competition ring with much success. 

Chris Bear Anthony

Chris Anthony, weary from her travails in retail management and office work, found her calling when she discovered pet grooming. Her nearly 20-year journey in this career has led her through many opportunities, experiences,& life lessons,  including grooming and managing in both small and corporate salons and starting her own successful house-call grooming business in New Jersey.  Supplementing those life lessons by educating herself on the varying aspects of her career, she always sought out innovations in pet care, education, grooming techniques, tools, and products. Now her passion for grooming & education has added more in-depth knowledge of scissors, scissoring techniques, ergonomics, and self-care to help preserve her own health and longevity in her chosen profession. She is the owner/groomer at Have Shears Will Travel and customer service VP at Evolution Shears. Chris is also honored to have co-founded the New Jersey Professional Pet Groomers Alliance and serves as its current Chairwoman.

Mary Kniskern

After many years of watching dogs struggle to have a positive experience in the grooming salon, I decided to do everything possible to make it a better experience.  I have spent a lot of time and resources learning new techniques to get the dog groomed and help the dogs in my care have a better experience. I am a Fear Free certified Groomer and a graduate of Karen Pryor Academy in 2022. I use my knowledge of Positive Reinforcement techniques and Conditioned Emotional Response to keep the dog outside their thresholds for successful grooms and build a positive association with the grooming process. I have also spent some time studying Canine Stress and its long-term effects on the pets in our care. Most of my 4 legged clients are dogs that have had negative experiences in other salons. My goal for each dog in my care is to figure out their triggers and how I can help them stay under their threshold of fear and/or aggression. I have trained all of my staff in these methods and hope to bring this knowledge to the grooming industry.

Mary Oquendo

Mary has worked with thousands of students and has beamed with pride as she watched as professional pet educators reach and change the lives of their students.

Mary was awarded the 2012 David Salzberg Outstanding Contribution To The Pet Industry. Mary was first nominated for a Barkleigh Honors Award in 2012 and has been every year since.

Before founding Pawsitive Educational Training, Mary has spoken and continues to speak at numerous professional pet educational conferences since 2006, as well as been published in Groomer To Groomer and Natural Awakenings magazines as columnists.

Mary got her start in the pet industry in 1998, when she answered a help wanted sign at a corporate grooming facility and in 2002 operated Pawsitively Pretty Mobile Grooming Salon until she retired in 2019.

Mary’s first student was a mobile grooming client who was coerced into taking her pet first aid class. Once the class ended, her client hugged her and thanked her. From there it was no stopping her.

Michelle Knowles

Michelle Knowles, MPAe, ICMG, MAAe, CCe, owner of All Things Paw, and The Herbal Paw Apothecary, has over 34 years of experience as a private and professional pet care provider. Michelle is a Certified Master Groomer and a Master Pet Aesthetician. She has apprenticed, volunteered, worked, owned, and managed salons, kennels, zoos, and veterinary hospitals across the country. Michelle has also trained in Tuscany, Italy in therapeutic work, hand stripping and advanced dermatological care. She was also the North American ISB consultant and rep for a decade and taught cosmetology and aesthetician work at The Whole Pet Academy.  Michelle has broad experience in pet skin and coat care, extensive experience with fear and trauma recovery, elderly pets, and a focus on managing allergic/dermatological disorders. Michelle is certified through NDGAA and IPG, teaches advanced pet aesthetics at The Meditative Grooming Academy, and All Things Paw Academy, mediates on the Master Groomer Council of Best Practices, and is a nationally recognized speaker in her field.