You know online educational tradeshows and summits are simply exploding at the moment.

 It feels like you’ve been left behind and don’t see a way to tap into this $60 billion market that is expected to grow by 20% next year. Maybe it’s:


You don’t know where to begin. Or maybe you’ve tried and gave up in frustration. What if:

  • The hosting platform was provided for you?

    Don’t need to know anything about zoom or event sites! Or the costs associated with hosting.

  • Workshops were recorded for you?

    No need to remember if it was done correctly and was protected against unauthorized sharing and downloading.

  • All the behind the scenes technology was taken care of?

    No more stress wondering whether the technology will work as needed or if you forget a necessary step.

“Tackling the technical aspects of teaching in a virtual world is a daunting, even unnerving, task entirely separate from actually teaching.

In our ever-growing industry and new educational landscape, Mary has proven her services extremely important in helping me get my raw material and projects from infancy to completion. 

It is important to get mentoring from a fellow groomer who understands our industry inside and out so as to not waste valuable time or money.

Mary has done an amazing job of mastering the skill of effectively coaching and strategizing with groomers like myself to accomplish their teaching and speaking ventures.

By helping take your natural ability and talents, and cultivating them into realizing your true potential, Mary helps you strategize and problem solve the technical aspects of teaching that can keep you from attaining your goals. 

Mary makes navigating technology easy and walks you through things in a very dedicated and efficient manner. Without her mentoring I would’ve missed out on many valuable opportunities and fallen short of reaching my goals.”– Chris Pearson Wisconsin Pet Sylist Invitational


You can’t help them understand the technology either, or how to approach them. What if:

  • Contract templates were available with your logo?

    Expectations laid out for you that is fair to both speaker and show promoter.

  • Speakers are familiar with technology ahead of time?

    I will walk each speaker through the process with patience.

  • Day Of Problems Were resolved quickly

    I will be on hand throughout each day to help facilitate and resolve all technical issues.

“After making my online educating debut this past summer, Mary invited me to speak at her Pet Professional Business Summit that she held in October 2020. Being new to educating and simultaneously taking her online teaching course, I was a little bit nervous, but Mary was able to answer all of my questions thoroughly, and walk me through the process of getting set up online. As I am a visual person, I ran into many roadblocks with the online technology. Mary was extremely patient with me, and very easy to work with. I never once felt like I couldn’t ask her a silly question. She made sure that I understood what I was doing and made the teaching experience very enjoyable and very easy to do. Mary is pretty awesome to work with, and what felt like a daunting task to me, she was able to turn into a fun and memorable experience! I look forward to working with her many more times in the future and I would recommend anyone looking to teach online, to contact her in the future.” – Erin Martin


Don’t know how to reach those vendors wanting to be a part of your show and pay you for the privilege of doing so? What if:

  • Contract templates were available with your logo?

    Expectations laid out for you that is fair to both vendor and show promoter.

  • Vendors are familiar with technology ahead of time?

     That they know how to submit their commercials, logo’s, and show specials.

  • Vendors Understood The Value Of Sponsorship?

    You will be able to approach vendors with the value your show presents with visibility and sales.

“Navigating the new normal of online trade shows and events can be confusing at best. So many new platforms!  Mary makes it easy for vendors by breaking it down into understandable bite sized pieces. With her as your guide through the technological jungle, keeping up and  keeping in touch with your customers is easy.” -Chris Anthony Evolution Shears 


Don’t know how to reach your target market? What if:

  • You had your sales page and social media posts created for you?

    Written to appeal to your target audience.

  • Social media images were created for you?

    Multiple shareable images created specific for each speaker and vendor!

  • A social media plan was created for you?

    Take the guesswork out  when and where to post, including how to set up FB ads and events.

“I have been working with Mary since May 2020 on providing regular virtual seminars. She’s done a phenomenal job of coordinating every part of the virtual event. Her knowledge of all aspects from promoting, setting up and recording zoom events and overall coordination of the events has been pretty inspirational to me. She’s answered questions and assisted in helping me to understand the entire process, despite my limited technical knowledge. Mary is a team player, not just someone doing a job. Grateful to have Mary to be leading us with Precision Sharp Presents.” -Cheryl & Randy Lowe, Precision Sharp Co.

Let’s Not Forget The Attendee Experience

Without them, you don’t have a show!

“Every show you go to online has hiccups. It’s a given. The trick to a good show is getting them taken care of quickly. The show is on a schedule and as attendees we are too. I was an attendee for many shows this year, and when an issue arose for Mary it an immediate fix  and there was less than one actual minute of waiting for the show to go on. As an attendee that’s exceptionally important. We need to be sure that the classes are running on time so we can see the ones we want, and keep our schedules as well.”  ~Anjie Coates

What if you could go basically just show up to a ready made online tradeshow/summit?

Then let’s talk about getting your show up and running. Click this link to set up a free consultation.